Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Named: Endless Amusement

Last Weight In: Friday, 23 August 2013
Weight Information -
     Weight: 451.8 lbs
     Weight Change This Week: -1.4 lbs
     Weight Change To Date: -1.4 lbs
     Weight Gauge: Crushing

Current Goals -
     Number Goal: 430 lbs
     Distance to Goal: 21.8 lbs
     Feel Good Goal: Relax
     Distance to Goal: Approaching Pluto

Post Number: 3

As I have gone through life, I have had a few certainties that buoyed me up. I am going to focus on the one of them today. I am certain that everyone has something to teach me. I have learned quite a bit. I continue to learn. And proper plethora of people perform as my professor. This led to two e-mail addresses that I used for a long time:
  1. NeverCeasesToAmuseMe@_________.com
  2. NeverCeasesToAmazeMe@_________.com
These e-mail addresses came into being because people have always been able to do both of them. So now I have extended this wonder into the realm of blogging. The title, Endless Amusement, is not necessarily the most exciting of reasons, enticing of titles, or exemplary of my theme (improved health through weight loss), but I like the idea of it. And with time, even this mental, intellectual, emotional, spritual, and especially physical journey of self-improvement may provide endless amusement to a few readers beyond myself. Because, really, my expectation is that this blog is my window into the past so I can measure for myself the steps I've taken, the joys I've felt, and the hurdles I've overcome.

And running in a similar vein of being bemused by people, I offer a comic: Dalai Lama's quote from Zen Pencils. I have heard the quote in this comic before, but it's theme is a reminder of choosing to regain my health before it's forced upon me. By the way, the comic Zen Pencils is a wonderful addition to your comics line-up, even if you may disagree with the depiction within the comic or the reasoning behind the quote. I disagree with the depicition of a favorite poem: Invictus. I always pictured Invictus as something more uplifting like Martin Luther King Jr's rise above his circumstances to lead a life built upon lifting others beyond their circumstances. I disagree with the some of the reasoning behind Carl Sagan's quote that is based on secular humanism.

So I hope to be able to offer a little encouragement to myself when I review my health-ifying blogging efforts during the dark times to come. C.S. Lewis spoke of undulations in life. Strong early conviction worn down by time and experience. I know this euphoric feeling that comes from taking on an exciting new challenge will one day become difficult, especially since I haven't started exercising. So, to the reason of accountability as a motivation behind this blog, I seek to add a little light and humor as a store for the dark and dreary to come.

And, perhaps, therein lies the greatest opportunity for amusement: light amid the monotony, humor amid the heartache, joy amid the pain.

Happy Health,


A Bloggers Haiku:
Democratic Form
Typing, Seeking More Meaning
Becoming Nothing

Lost in Open Thought, Formless
Becoming Something

Focused Beyond Here
Building in Joy and Pain Now
Creation of Self

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