Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Y Goals

Last Weight In: Friday, 23 August 2013
Weight Information -
     Weight: 451.8 lbs
     Weight Change This Week: -1.4 lbs
     Weight Change To Date: -1.4 lbs
     Weight Gauge: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow

Current Goals -
     Number Goal: 430 lbs
     Distance to Goal: 21.8 lbs
     Feel Good Goal: Relax
     Distance to Goal: Not even in the correct solar system
     The Y:
          Get there twice this week, three time next week.
          Get a swim suit.
     Distance to Goal:
          Been once this week.
          Used the walk, jog, run track briefly.
          No swimsuit but Friday is payday.
     Weight Watchers:
          Use the paper tracker.
          Make a menu plan with the PPV's worked out.
          Attend PowerStart and Regular meeting this week.
     Distance to Goal:
          Paper tracker is still in top drawer of night stand. 
          Menu plan a gleam in the eye.
          Friday is still ahead of us.

Post Number: 4

So I went to meet a Wellness Coach at the Y today. B was wonderfully attentive and warmly supportive. We discussed several things:
  • Where I am physically (horrible).
  • Limitations (obesity, really painful knees)
  • Doctor imposed limitations (provided phone number)
  • What I want to do at the Y (simple exercises, especially in the water).
  • What my kids will be doing (youth and teen programs).
  • And what goals I wanted to use the Y to help me accomplish (lose weight, increase flexibility)
So that is the nutshell of what we accomplished. She wanted to know what my goal was for the next few weeks to one month. I said I just want to come 4 to 5 times a week. My goal is only to get there and keep getting there repeatedly. And I've given myself a month to get the hang of it. I report back to her in the first week in October. B said she would rather I picked an earlier date to see her again, but she understood that the timeline for our next appointment made sense for the goal I was setting. She said I should feel free to ask her or any of the other support staff any questions that I may have whenever I am at the Y. Plus, there is the additional bonus that I plan on taking one kid at a time every chance I get when I go to play in the water. I suspect that playing in the water with a kid will be a work out. B did recommend a few classes that had words in the title like Senior or Arthritis or Easy. For her recommendations, I am very grateful. I am hoping to start into the water aerobics soon. I just need a bathing suit.

Talking with B reminded me of the goals L asked us to set at Weight Watchers. When we complained of the lack of access to the mobile electronics we were enticed by, she suggested using the paper tracker. MBWM (My Beloved Wife M) mentioned that we use a meal planned. L suggested that we determine the Points Plus Values (PPVs) during the menu planning. Then it's only a matter of transferring that information to the paper planner once we've actually had the meal. That idea was well received. Now we have to sit down and do it. MBWM, center of my love and love of my life, and I are in calendric negotiations even as I type to determine when we can put the menu plan together. <pause for effect> Negotiations fell through. MBWM and I won't even be able to attend the same meeting this week. So I will start making individual meal suggestions and calculating the PPV.

I have a few other ideas on goals that I will have to record at a later time. I have a few ideas on situational analysis, decision making, and other aspects of this weight loss that I would like to record as well. We shall see.

Health-ifyingly Yours,


P.S.: Two Weight Watchers attendees walk into a bar. You would have thought the second would have ducked.

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