Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In Short - Try, Try Again

The bad news:
Clothes - Tight
Breathing - Labored
Joints - Pained
Exhaustion - Constant
The good news:
YMCA - rejoined
Weight Watchers technique - reapplied
Hypnosis - saving up for
Some very good news: I have a job interview for a chemist position in a week!

Stay tuned for further updates.


P.S.: I believe in possibilities.

11. Sing in the shower.
12. Use the good silver.
13. Learn a card trick.
14. Plant flowers every spring.
15. Own a great stereo system.

Eliot in the House by 2016 - Update
Time to start making progress. Towards that end, I am announcing two open positions as follows -

Secretary to the campaign manager (currently voluntary until donations come in)
Primary responsibility - Make Eliot look good in person
Secondary responsibility - Keep Eliot on track by taking care of many of the administrative details especially tracking the grass roots progress and hitting all deadlines.

IT Specialist / Programer (currently voluntary until donations come in)
Primary responsibility - Make Eliot look good to the volunteers
Secondary responsibility - Grassroots movements need motivation that empowers. Towards that end, I am seeking a programmer to create the currency that will drive my decisions in the House. The programmer will create a database so that those that volunteer will have a greater says in my efforts to represent my constituents. The specifics are being worked out, but basically a database is created to track the work of my volunteers. Once I am in office, I will update a web page requesting input. If you were a volunteer, you will have a log in and a say. I plan on listening to everyone; I will listen to my volunteers first. The programmer needs to be able set up a two stage system. Stage 1 is collecting and correlating volunteer assistance. Stage 2 is opening up the lines of communication. Social media where the volunteers get automatic likes.

Complete details concerning responsibilities and qualifications to follow.

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