Monday, October 27, 2014

Keep Trying or Start Dieing

I have to keep this short, time is of the essence. With so many irons in the fire, I need to watch my time closely.

In the previous post, I mentioned a job interview. It went exceptionally well, but the position was pulled prior to hiring. No new job. Job applications is just one of a group of irons. I also have job searching classes, networking, and authoring opportunities that take much time.

I have failed at the restarting the WW technique, but I haven't given up. I know there is a way for me to succeed at this. Right now, my three best options are:

  1. Positive Changes Hypnosis
  2. Mini-Gastric Bypass
  3. Naturopathic Process
My biggest concern here is that I am a food addict. I am too likely to make a poor eating decision. That means retraining the brain. Hypnosis will definitely reshape the brain, especially with the weekly sessions for reinforcement over the course of 9 months. The problem: the cost ($2800).

With the return of extreme health issues, in spite of swimming at the Y, gastric bypass is looking better. The more I read the long-term studies, the more concerned I get. But at this stage, there is no long-term for me without losing weight. The "mini" version is about $5000 as opposed to $10000 - $15000. It has shorter recover time so less of a hospitalization expense. This technique doesn't address the food addiction, so that is my bigger concern over the money.

And the naturopathic process has been intrigued. I am trying to learn more about it, but the person that developed it is understandable closed-mouthed. I initially said I wasn't interested because it doesn't food addiction. He said that he usually works up to that because most people don't want to face that up front. Since I am already willing to admit it, he said that the program would be so much the better for me. It's interesting in that the program starts with resetting the microflora in the intestines. Since there is plenty of scientific evidence that the wrong microflora contribute to numerous issues, including obesity, he had my attention. But beyond that, I don't know how the food addiction is addressed. This program has the advantage of costing approximately $700 spread over the course of several months.

Right now, time is short. I am hoping to be writing in this blog ever Monday. Even if it's bad news, there needs to be news for me to begin to reestablish accountability and other advantages of this journaling process.

Yours in the process that is ever evolving,


P.S.: Thought and theory must precede all salutary action; Yet action is nobler in itself than either thought or theory. - Virginia Woolf


16. Be the first to say, "Hello."
17. Live beneath your means.
18. Drive inexpensive cars, but own the best house you can afford.
19. Buy great books even if you never read them.
20. Be forgiving of yourself and others.

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