Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Closing the Door on One Failure. Seeking the Door of the Next Success.

Post Number: 151
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 47/22 of 69 (Goal: 30/39)
     KimKins Refocus: Day 3 of 3
     Pedometer Reading: 3097 (paused)
     Meetings Attended: Attended Overeaters Anonymous Previously
     Exercise Completed: None
     M-W's Word of the DayDisinterested

Three strikes and I'm out. My three-day effort at LCLF eating was miserable. This made for a tough day, especially after eating so many points. What made it even tougher was having to cancel my subscription to Weight Watchers. Once again, the day started pretty good, continued fairly well, but then snacking set in, even while making dinner. Yes, there are BLTN's of the ingredients while cooking. BLTN's are a part of the eating and tracking processes. But I was eating pretzels with cheese. The cheese was an ingredient for dinner; the pretzels were not.

While I was eating dinner, feeling sick because I ate too much, I kept reviewing my thoughts and actions. I need to retain this sensation of feeling sick from eating this much food. This means I need to have the thoughts and actions that will encourage remaining on the course. And what have I learned from the last three days about retaining those thoughts and actions?

I will miss Weight Watchers. But I don't think it's loss is triggering this eating splurge.

LCLF is not the option of right now. While I enjoy the simplicity of LCLF, I'm easily thrown off course of late. And event the point expense of high carb items didn't deter me. 5 PPV for a small granola bar. This is an example symptom.

And I need to learn why I am snacking, making poor food choices, and barely maintaining reasonable serving sizes.

I need to clean out my drawer of LCLF foods. If I am going to head off of LCLF, my drawer in the fridge with my foods set aside, I need to eat out the LCLF foods and start filling it with low point foods.

I need to get to bed sooner. That will be easy for the next several days after only about 4 hours of sleep two nights ago.

Yours in the potential of the new success,


P - Please
O - Observe
S - Some
T - Thoughts:
S - Simple
C - Cryptic
R - Rhetorical
I - Intelligent
P - Powerful
T - Thought-provoking
P.P.S.: How about that Putin? Unraveling my previous rant with a few simple well chosen words on his troops going home. Oh well.

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