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Week of Worried Whining Wasted - Wow (Evaluation: Week 27)

Last Weigh In: Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weight Information -
  • Weight: 366.0 lbs
  • Weight Change:
    • This Week: -0.6 lbs
    • To Date: -87.2 lbs
  • Weight Gauge: What?!?!?!?
  • Body Mass Index: 57.3 (down from 57.4)
  • Daily PPV:
    • Assigned: 69 (unchanged)
    • Personal: 30 (unchanged)
  • PPV This Week: 
    • Used: 238 out of 483
    • Not Used: 245 (50.7%)
Goals (Description / Evaluation) -
  • Chronological Goal: No longer obese in 2014 / Well on my way but stalling. When both projections increase, it's not a good sign. Latest projections for leaving behind morbidly obese using:
    • The last 17 weeks of data: Between July 22, 2014 and July 27, 2014, an increase of 7 days
    • All 26 weeks of data: Between August 24, 2014 and September 6, 2014, an increase of 3 days
  • Employment Goals
    • Make at least 5 networking contacts each week. / Terrible week at networking. Found a couple leads on my own.
    • Apply for at least 5 positions each week / Still hunting with a little pecking. Didn't hit this one this week.
  • Weight Watchers Awards this Week: Bravo -  for getting to the Y five times this week at 5 am in spite of the rough week.
  • Number Goals: Overall direction is exciting. Long-term quantity is thrilling. Weigh-in this week was wonderful. 
    • Weight: Next three hurdles are as follows
      • 20% Weight Loss at 362.4 lbs / 3.6 lbs away
      • 100 Pounds Lost at 353.2 lbs / 12.8 lbs away
      • Transition off of Kimkins at 350.0 lbs / 16.0 lbs away - Needs reviewed
    • BMI: Reach a value below 40.0 (morbidly obese) / 17.3 away
    • PPV Not Used this Week: 287 PPV / 245 PPV - Consumed 28 points more than the goal. This may be rather telling.
  • Waist Goal: Lose another available hole in the belt until I need to switch to a new belt.Belt  was at 1 available hole briefly. Then it went back to 2. But I have given away my belt along with a pair of pants and pair of suspenders. A family member, on behalf of another family member, asked for the assistance. The motivation behind the request was too important for me to pass up. This goal is going to be considered met. And the goal of wrapping the belt around me twice is going to be dropped, since I don't have the belt.
  • Feel Good Goal: Consistent practice of my meditation and relaxation techniques / Meditation was non-existent, as was research on meditation and relaxation techniques. Still haven't tried the relaxation audio files I downloaded.
  • Physical Goals: 
    • Walk upright up the stairs of my house every time using the railing only for precaution. / I still need to mountaineer my way up the stairs. Later in the week, I was climbing rather slowly.
    • Tie my shoes unassisted anywhere. / I cannot tie my shoes without physical aids but it is getting easier. I didn't need any personalized assistance this week.
    • Take a bath in my bathtub. / My bathtub is big enough, but I cannot get into or out of it when it's dry without painful exertion. This would negate any lasting value to the bath. Don't want to try to get out when wet yet.
  • The Y: Swim laps four days next week. Use the recumbent elliptical machine ahead of swimming. I am going to set my alarm for 5 am for next week.Tough week, knowing it was my last week. This goal is considered complete until such time as I can afford a gym, especially a gym with a pool.
  • Alternative to the Y: I need to research further for options.Because of the price ($20/month) and the slightly closer location than the Y (Eagle and Fairview) that includes a pool, I am leaning towards joining Axiom. This goal is going to be considered completed until such time as I can afford a gym.
  • Exercise without the Gym: Locate workouts options that don't involve a gym. Check out a couple DVDs from the library. / I didn't explore this at all this week. This will be the only option after next week. I need use the DVDs I checked out from the library. Also need to explore the DVDs my mom purchased for me.
    • Weight Watchers:
      • Use the paper tracker to record calculated points every day this week. / I have tracked for 19 weeks. I only missed one day: Christmas. Go me!
      • Kept available PPV at 30 for my daily points instead of 69 as assigned by WW. / I am hoping for a more stable week in my food selection.
      • Avoid using 49 weekly points. Daily points leave 39 available every day. That's 273 leftover points available per week. / Nailed it!
      • Attend two meetings this week. Scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday. / Missed Wednesday. Wednesday is frequently a problem. No more scheduling visits or activities anywhere near Wednesday's meeting. And while I didn't schedule anything over this meeting, life did. Since this is a recurring theme. I may need to switch days. Added additional alarms and calendar reminders to assist in getting to this meeting.
    • Overeaters Anonymous: 
      • Attend two meetings this week. Scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday. / Didn't reach any this week. And this would have been a good week to reach them. Need to succeed this week.
      • Perform moral inventory for Step 4. / Didn't work on this one. Want to read more, write more, and explore more.
    • Never Ceases to Amuse Me Blog: Journal 300 out of 365 days. / Journaled 60 of 60 days so far this year.
    • Reading Materials - Self-assigned reading assignments
      • What Color is Your Parachute? - Read this week / Didn't read anything. This doesn't help matters.
      • This is How to Get Your Next Job - Read this week / Didn't read this at all this week. Setting this goal aside. I will return when heading into an interview. Prior book is more important in getting the interview.
      • Start Strong. Finish Strong. - Read Chapter 4 / Read much of Chapter 5, still reading while working out.
      • AA Big Book - Read Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of the AA Big Book. / Read more of Chapter 5.
      • Some books I want to read soon but don't have time but want to read right now:
        • WW Find Your Fingerprint
        • The Doctor is In
        • Good Calories. Bad Calories.
    • Hot Button Review: None of these are working right now. This needs attention if I am going to continue using it.
      • Mental-Function - Didn't work well to motivate me at all this week.
      • Spiritual - Spent more time in fear than prayer. This one should have been my strongest, not my weakest.
      • Numbers-Game - Blood pressure is wandering, as expected, but not into over dangerous territory. This hot button didn't motivate me.
    • Sticky Notes
      • Be active for 5 minutes out of every sedentary hour
      • Put down the fork and sip water between bites
      • Eat more veggies
      • Review Your Blog! What happened to your motivations?
      • No high carb nibbling. Kimkins separation in T-minus 16 pounds.
      • Get to Bed!
    Additional Motivations -

    • Lifetime Motivation: I am losing weight so I can live, laugh, learn, and love longer at my wife's side. / I don't know that I have the living, laughing, learning, and loving working as well as before. It may be showing up in my latest eating habits. But I don't know which is the cause and which is the effect. I need to make those changes that will produce the longer part of the goal and make them permanent.
    • Long-term Motivation: I am losing weight and maintaining it over the course of years so that I can...
      • Attend every kid's sealing: Horse, Asian Red Fox, Jaguar, Iguana, Lemur, and Quail / Horse's sealing to Squirrel is coming up in April. Asian Red Fox is still several years out.
      • Bike, swim, walk, play, and otherwise be active with my kids and my future grand kids / Swimming is getting easier but is over. Other activities are still under consideration but need to become attempted.
      • Comfortably fit into a pair of pants that can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Shopko, JC Penney’s, etc. / Making slow progress. Still need to work off at least 10" - 12".
      • Wrap my largest belt around me twice to be able to use it. / Need to reach a 37" waist to do this. Progress continues to be accomplished. Currently at 56"; 19" to go. Retire belt in 4 more holes. Gave away belt 1 to 2 holes away from retiring it. This goal is no longer possible. But a greater need is being served.
    • Intermediate Motivation: I am losing weight over the course of the next several months so I can...
      • Stand comfortably during lectures, seminars, etc and not feel extreme pain in my ankles, knees, hips, and arches. / Pain is constantly around and is frequently made worse by exercise.
      • Recover from long day of work in one good night’s sleep / Can't seem to get a good night's sleep right now, so I can't judge this one.
      • Handle stresses better / If you look at my eating habits right now as a measure of handling my stresses, I am not handling my stresses very well at all.
      • Bring down my blood pressure / Current BP readings are most frequently in the pre-hypertensive range. Need to have the occasional Stage 1 reading become non-existent.
      • Be more attractive to MBWM / She loves and adores me. I hope to be able to better myself for our mutual and individual benefit.
    • Short-term Motivation: I am losing weight today so that I can...
      • Take charge of this part of my life today
      • Abstain from compulsive eating behaviors today
      • Be better able to handle the tasks of today
      • Have the warm fuzzies of today's successes available for tomorrow stresses and strains


    I need to re-evaluate the transition off of Kimkins. The last two weeks have proven that I am not living up to Kimkins in the least. Do I continue this as a goal? I'm not sure what is going on. This loss of motivation is frustrating and confusing.

    I am not the least bit hopeful that I will pass the 100 pounds hurdle by my March 22nd deadline. I am not entirely sure that I will even continue moving my weight in the right direction. Direction is the bigger concern now than the quantity. I am hoping that by reviewing possible causes of loss of motivation, I will determine either a way to regain motivation or determine a new motivation.

    Looking Forward:
    • Keep the job search going strong and the networking stronger.
    • Look for causes in loss of motivation.
    • GET ON PROGRAM with Weight Watchers, especially keeping the daily points consumed to a daily maximum of 30 PPV.
    • Avoid the temptation of high carb nibbles into my week except for Saturday.
    • Get on track with gym-less exercise.
    • Attend all meetings. Don't schedule things before them. Review calendar every morning. Listen to alarms and reminders and follow through on them.
    • Hold onto the joyful feelings of this day to get me through the the times of lesser success in weight loss, the trudging through job searching, and other complications life is throwing my way.
    IV - I have found the way of keeping my eating small if not smart.
    CU - I have seized the road by keeping myself exploring the conditions of what is going on.
    FI - I am enjoying the journey by writing and writing more.

    Post Number: 148
    Review of Yesterday's Progress
         Daily PPV Used/Left: 37/32 of 69 (Goal: 30/39)
         Pedometer Reading: - {Replaced but not set up}
         Meetings Attended: Weight Watchers
         Exercise Completed: None Scheduled
         Page Views to Date: 1979 (Increased by 86 Page Views This Week)

    I started my day in anxious fear and guilty regret. I had eaten even more this week than last week. I was heading off to Weight Watchers certain of a weight gain. This certainty was compounded by the increase by one belt hole. I was especially concerned that it would be more than 2 pound; scared that it would be more than 3 pounds. And what do I discover? Six-tenths of a pound lost.

    If you've been reading this week, you've seen that I spent much of it complaining about a lack of control in my own food selection. At least the quantity of food eaten has been something that kept me on course. Although I am unable to ascertain the cause of the loss of motivation. This needs to be explored, faced, and challenged. And I hope to start that exploration by reviewing my blog. That was one of the major points raised this last week. I need to follow through.

    Yours the knowledge that success can be achieved again and again,


    P.S.: The only failure is to stop trying. (No idea who I should attribute this to but it certainly bears repeating.)

    Weight Watchers, 1 March 2014
    Last Week: Secrets of a Successful Weekend

    What made last week successful?
    • Don't track on the weekend normally. Tracked this week from the get go.
    • Tracked for seven days. Walked stairs at work.
    • Program works when you follow it for seven days
    • Tracking for today
    • Measured fruits, veggies, and meats
    What made last week challenging?
    • Horrible, stressful week. Good in morning. Missed meals. Ate poorly in the evenings. This week - Got back on track. Recommit! Refocus!
    • Use weekend to get ready for the week. Used Sunday to make week's meal plans and quite a few meals.
    This Week: Be A Portion Pro

    What causes portion creep? What makes it challenging to consistently give yourself a single portion of food?
    • Not paying attention
    • Laziness
    • Taste
    • This little bit more won't hurt
    • Container size has more than a single portion
    • Only a little bit left
    • Too hungry
    Look at a cereal serving size as an example. Varies among 1/2 cup, 2/3 cup, 3/4 cup, and 1 cup servings

    eTools shows update of points. Double recipe may not be double points.

    Portion Pro
    • Guesstimate
    • Measure
    • Evaluate
    • Practice
    What can you use to help you portion when measurement tools aren't available? Weight Watchers Portion Estimator. Example use hand for measuring. A 4 ounce bagel is about the same size as your palm plus your fingers to the first joint. That bagel has a 10 PPV.

    Success Tips from members with success awards this week
    • Weigh and measure everything
    • At maintenance, have to pay attention but have developed boring eating habits
    • Pre-measure into plastic-ware and plastic bags. Wal-Mart has a plastic bag in their Great Value brand that includes volume measurements on the bag.
    We learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing to dance or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same.

    Next Week: Make Your Move

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