Thursday, September 12, 2013


Post Number: 17
Days of Tracking: 4/5

As I write this, Quail is burning off some energy. MBWM (My Beloved Wife M), is whispering to him, "Where'd she go?" Referring to Asian Red Fox. He goes thump, thump, thumping across the floor out of the room. Asian Red Fox spooks Quail in the other room. He turns with a screech and charges back, his feet thumping along the floor even harder and faster on the way back in. What a joy to behold! He even gives out an additional screech when he think she's hot on his tail.

MBWM showed me something she had written: ETNTM. It refers to my idea of, "Eat This Not That Mentality." But she pronounced it very much like Auntie Em. Since we were sitting around the dinner table, we had a fun conversation about the Wizard of Oz that included several bad jokes. But it got me to thinking. She is right, that Auntie Em philosophy needs to be in my life. I didn't track today. There were two primary reasons. One, I didn't have my tracker with me while I was out with the family helping my mother. The first healthy thing I ate today was oatmeal. So the second issue comes from the fact that after the oatmeal, the next health thing I ate was, well, nothing. I didn't want to record the food and I especially didn't want to calculate the points for today. I know that points I have are exorbitant, but I suspect that I would have blown through not only my 71 daily points, but also the 49 extra weekly points. That's not to say that junk food or fast food hasn't shown in my tracker before. But this is the first day that I made an endless stream of poor choices. Poor choices that stem from not paying attention to the fact that I was in pain, hungry, angry, and quite tired (more on this in a later post). When I finally made it home, all I wanted to do was go to bed. But I need to record even this level of success and face it. And MBWM, without realizing it, gave me a smile and a simply way to look forward: Auntie Em!

So once again, I am ready to IVCUFI. I have found the way (return to tracking), I will seize the road (Auntie Em! Auntie Em!), and I will enjoy the journey (There is a wide selection of enjoyable options open to me that I would  be thrilled to track.) On that last one, just think. I can make a 100% veggie salad, which I find delectable, and put on ranch dressing. And only the ranch dressing counts! Woohoo! With the points I have, I can afford to put on an ounce or two of bacon. {Say it with me: MMMMMmmmm.... Bacon.}. Definitely a better choice than the wide ranging selection of unhealthy I ingested today.

As I finish this, Quail is in his bed. MBWM is in her bed. And with eyes barely more than slits, I head off to join her. May your day yield either successes or ways to turn things around into success.

Yours in the journey,


Ex... Er... Cise...
Ex... Ar... Size...
Eggs... Are... Sides...

For Bacon...


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