Monday, September 16, 2013

AAAAAAaaaaaargh!! (Evaluation of Week 3)

Last Weigh In: Saturday, 14 September 2013
Weight Information -
      Weight: 459.0 lbs
      Weight Change This Week: +4.4 lbs
      Weight Change To Date: +5.8 lbs
      Weight Gauge: *Heavier*Sigh*

Current Goals -
     Number Goal: 430 lbs
     Distance to Goal: 29.0 lbs
     Feel Good Goal: Set aside time to relax and follow through
     Distance to Goal: I've learned that there's a difference between planning
          and implementation.
     The Y: Go to the Y three time next week.
     Distance to Goal: Reached the Y once, did two laps, recovered for three days.
          Need to reach twice this week.
     Weight Watchers:
          Use the paper tracker every day this week including calcualting points
          Make a meal plan with the PPV's worked out for two weeks
          Attend at least two Regular meeting this week, most likely Friday and Saturday
     Distance to Goal:
          Paper tracker used 6 of 7 days. Points calculated 1 day.
          Starting to get over annoyance of missing eTools.
          Dealing with the annoyance of having to calculate my own points.
          MBWM created an Excel version. I'll refine for use with phone.
          Meal planning during Family Council. I'll work out PPV's.
          Two days of frozen meals arranged.
          Only made one day.
     Overeaters Anonymous: Attend two meetings this week
     Distance to Goal: Reached one meeting. Need to reach two.

This week was something of a shocker. I expected to loose only a little weight. After all, I'd only been awful one day and used up all my points on another day. And while I might be able to explain 1 pound because I was wearing my jeans to the weigh in instead of the light polyester pants I usually wear. But the other 4 and a half pounds? That was very disheartening. So I am being more vigilant in my point tracking. I am making better selections. So far this week, I have not used any of my weekly points that are available. And today, I have 15 points left that I am not going to use. I think that will be my new personal goal.

IVCUFI time:
I will keep working the work. I have plans in place (frozen meals and/or Kimkins while on Weight Watchers) once finances allow. I am doing the mental work to become comfortable and familiar with the point system. It just needs to happen. And once it does, I will lose weight. That is what I need to look forward to.

  • Pillage the time necessary to be able to relax
  • Two Weight Watchers meetings
  • Two Overeaters Anonymous meetings
  • Read the Weekly
  • Two times to the Y, once for laps
  • Record all food
  • Calculate points for all food (plus Sodium. I have been tracking sodium to keep it below 1500 mg)
  • To have 15 (or more) points left at the end of at least 3 days each week
  • Retrain the brain by spending two days on the frozen light meals program

Post Number: 19
Days of Tracking: 3/3
Days of Points Calculated: 3/3

First off: Passed 200 page views! WOW!!! Thank you for reading! I'm am still all a-twitter. And I don't even have a Twitter account.

Rough day. Plenty of work already lined up and then a nasty surprise hand delivered to the door. Property inspection. And I have a group of home schoolers that I teach science today, so I'm rather busy with my preparations. Preparations that came to a quick, if not immediate, halt. The back-story: About 2 months ago, I started de-junking the house. First step, move much of sewing room into play room. House is a mess that lends itself to additional chaos. Then my in-laws move in. My house becomes a disaster. I start working to defeat the disaster for a couple days. And barely into it, WHAMMM! ZZWAP! (to borrow from the old Batman TV show), property inspection in 24 hours. So we worked hard, and things went well until MBWM and I left. Then things became worse in the front room. I made dinner. Then sent everyone to bed to start again on the worst of the worst in the morning.

Only food splurge today: McDouble. That gets a *pat*pat*pat* on the back.

I'm looking forward to trying out the light frozen meals program Tuesday and Wednesday. I am sure it will be educational for all concerned. At first we were very concerned about the finances. We calculated $3 per meal for three people (MBWM, Asian Red Fox, and me), for 3 meals a day for 30 days is $810. We were pleasantly surprised when the prices ranged from $0.88 per meal to $2.58 per meal with the occasional one more than $3. We also enjoyed the abundance of options. One of the ones I am looking forward to is a salad topper: meat, veggies, toppings, and dressing. Just add lettuce. Or in our case, spinach. Plus, we can watch for sales and use coupons. We like the idea of taking one month to re-train ourselves on what a single portion is. But the cost thing rears its ugly head. I am hoping the $0.88 per meal items are exceptionally yummy, relatively low in points, and very low in sodium. If so, then just using them would be $247.60. But in reality, to avoid boredom, the range would be from $250 to $700. We shall see.

It's getting much too late for the very early morning I have tomorrow.

Yours in the joy of pushing forward,


To borrow from what is usually attributed to Blaise Pascal: "I'm sorry I wrote you a long letter. I didn't have time to write a shorter one."

Weight Watchers, Saturday 9/14/2013
You can succeed. How strongly do you believe this to be true?

  • Invincible
  • Strong
  • Steady
  • Building
  • Fair

(There is no option for not believing at all)

What weakens your certainty?

How are you invincible?

  • I have to do it.
  • I have to keep it off
  • I love to eat, if I can do it, anyone can do it (That was actually something of a downer to me to hear given my weigh in that day.)
  • Strong, heading to Invincible

Why does belief matter?

  • Brain is powerful (Look at the placebo or nocebo effect)
  • Whether you believe you can or can't, you're right (Borrowed from Henry Ford.)
  • No reason to even try if you don't believe it
  • People put energy into what they believe
  • All in
  • Believe it and it will happen
  • Beliefs lead to life style changes, it's a forever thing

What changes when you start to trust that success is possible?

  • Food choices change
  • Attitudes change, you learn to love veggies
  • Went on 10 day vacation, didn't eat out at fast-food once

What other say about their "believe in success" (I think of it as Believe and Succeed)

  • Good to hear others, especially their struggle. We all struggle.
  • Success means different things to different people

Question to consider:

  1. How did you feel before you joined Weight Watchers?
  2. What helped you believe you could succeed?
  3. What did you accomplish once you started believing success was possible?
  4. How do you keep nurturing that belief so it stays strong?

Some answers:

  • Successes energize you
  • Self-talk (Reminds you of points that are important)
  • Keep coming to meetings
  • Surround yourself with active people

  1. Felt out-of-control
  2. Didn't believe at first until I became hard cord. Success led to success. (I do believe hard core is a necessary concept in need of review, contemplation, and meditation.)
  3. Unintended success - Mental change: Fast food went from delicious to disgusting
  4. Once you know it, you can't un-know it. I know it works!

Write you own story to these questions. Fast-forward to the future. You've reached your goal. Write your answers to these questions.

There are words that empowered others: Worthy / Active / Healthy / Capable. What word empowers you? (MBWM chose Worthy. She feels she is Worthy of putting herself first ahead of the many, many, many, many demands on her to be able to take care of herself. I am still considering my answer to this one.)

Goals don't have to be 5 pound stars and 10% key chains. It's the attitude that matters. Change in attitude leads to change in behaviors.

What little changes are you going to make this week that you can repeat every day to build a routine?

Need to have follow-thru - read the Weekly every day. (There is a weekly pamphlet called Weekly that is handed out at each meeting. I have yet to read it outside of the meeting. Hmm....)

You can do this! (Yes, I can! Oh, wait, this isn't Bob the Builder.)

Overeaters Anonymous, Saturday 9/14/2013
The take aways from this meeting:
  • OA offers relief from food obsession
  • Keep coming back to be able to see the miracle
  • Came in to lose weight, found a way of life
OA is a wonderful 12 step program with quite a bit of assistance. Much of what I wrote has nothing to do with what I learned but reminders of the mechanics of how the program is assembled.

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