Saturday, September 21, 2013

Whoa! Who? Really? (Evaluation: Week 4)

Last Weigh In: Saturday, 121 September 2013
Weight Information -
      Weight: 451.2 lbs
      Weight Change This Week: -7.8 lbs
      Weight Change To Date: -2.0 lbs
      Weight Gauge: Whoa! Who? Really?

Current Goals -
     Number Goal: 430 lbs
     Distance to Goal: 21.2 lbs
     Feel Good Goal: Not freak out over work to get out of house
     Distance to Goal: Million miles
     The Y: Go to the Y two times next week.
     Distance to Goal: Half a million miles. Did not make it even once this week.
     Weight Watchers:
          Use the paper tracker every day this week including calcualting points
          Make a meal plan with the PPV's worked out for two weeks
          Use 56 for my daily points
          Avoid using 49 weekly points. Daily points have 15 available. That's 105 per week.
          Attend at least two Regular meetings this week, most likely Friday and Saturday
     Distance to Goal:
          Paper tracker used 5 of 7 days. Points calculated 5 day.
          Starting to get over annoyance of missing eTools.
          Dealing with the annoyance of having to calculate my own points.
          MBWM created an Excel version. I'll refine for use with phone.
          Meal planning during Family Council. I'll work out PPV's.
     Overeaters Anonymous: Attend two meetings this week

     Distance to Goal: Reached one meeting. Need to reach two.

This week was a shocker, but for the opposite reasons as last week. I lost 7.8 pounds. Wait? How many? I have no idea what is going on. On Thursday, I ate the Olive Garden. Granted, I ate the meal for lunch and dinner. But Friday, I did a little emotional eating. Hard to deal with the sudden, unexpected notice to vacate the premises. But the good news is that I did hold to point tracking and calculating for 5 days and met my goal of keeping 15 points available at the end of the day for those 5 days. Maybe there is a small mental change that allowed for me to think I was overeating (and I most certainly did) but I may not have overeaten as much as I would have in the past. Basically, I'm grasping at straws. 7.8 pounds? Wait? How many?

This has been the most enjoyable week in the journey because of those numbers. More than the 7.8 pounds, I am excited by the Weight Change To Date being a negative number! Negative! As is going down! I may have found the way. That is a success that must be built upon (seized). And with a little hopeful charge of excitement, I can push through and make good decision. Well, good decisions starting tomorrow. Two birthdays were celebrated today. I enjoyed the food and the cake. MBWM made an incredible decision and brought home pieces of cake from Fred Meyers rather than buying an individual cake. That way, the birthday kids were able to pick the cake each one wanted. And there was no birthday cake left over. Yeah! 

Post Number: 23
Days of Tracking: 0/1
Days of Points Calculated: 0/1

Today was lots of fun. Horse brought her beau up. Sea horse? (To go with horse.) Shrimp? (Because he isn't.) I know! Squirrel! I was able to make a breakfast for them. Then they headed off so I had a bit of a break, which I used to e-mail my father and work on resume ideas. And, in incredible news, the grandparents have a new home. I am feeling additional hope, finally, for getting out of the current situation.

Exhaustion abounds, the siren call of my bed lures me away from the shoals and out into the depths of sleep.

Yours in the joyful experience,


P.S.: A teacher is someone that talks in our sleep. - Alfred E Newman

Weight Watchers, Saturday, 9/21/2013
Know what you're having for lunch? (With this repeated so often, is lunch the most likely meal to fail? Not me, the later in the day, the more likely I am to fail.)

What do you know now that you didn't know a week ago? How strongly do you now believe you can succeed? Belief meter - invincible, strong, stead, building, fair

How does your week go when you believe in yourself?

  • Great to hear other's successes
  • Invincible -
    • Determined
    • Full of myself, in a good way
    • Talk the talk
    • Don't skip a meeting (Or in my case, attend two meetings every week)
  • Accomplish anything I set my mind to, Weight Watchers and other things
  • Meetings set focus
How much of the year account for weekends / holidays? One-third of food decisions are made on weekends

How are your food decisions different on weekend?
  • More relaxed, less structure
  • Special breakfast days
How does this impact your weight loss?
  • Free day
  • Go a little overboard
  • Worked hard all weekend, time to make up for it
  • Indulge, but in small quantities
  • Permission day
Which weekend situations make you want to hit one of these button? Pause, Panic, Off
  • Forget to eat, make split second decisions
  • Football
  • Family
  • Cooking
  • Buttons:
    • Pause, then Panic
    • Off, but still off on Sunday
  • After, feel deprived, guilty
  • Everything that hinders you is there on the weekend
  • All bad or all good! Need to pause to stay good.
  • Portion it out
  • Do I have this and feel good? Or do I eat that and feel guilty?
  • Stop before you life the fork
  • Okay to say "No" to myself like I tell the kids "No" for their best benefit (MBWM said this one! Yeah! Honey!)
  • I may have to eat those words, but they are zero points
  • Eat healthy prior to attending events at places that serve food
  • Online solution: 
    • eTools --> Spaces --> Planned
    • eTools --> Spaces --> Panic --> Example: Only fried foods? Pick bigger foods. Smaller percent of fried-ness
When you've had a bad meal, day, weekend, ..., what do you do?
  • Write it down anyway
  • Run
  • Track even at a party
Avoid bad decisions: 
  • Planning / Planning / Planning
  • Use portable foods
  • Be accountable
What is the secret to enjoying both your weekends and your weigh-ins?
  • Pre-track when you eat out
  • Come to meetings
Pick one step to have a better weekend and focus on it

What little step forward are you inspired to take this week?

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