Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gratitude for Blessings

Post Number: 8
Days of Tracking: 1

I'd say I am on track for tracking today, but I've been fasting. That is the easiest food tracking possible.

So I noticed that I have past 100 page views. Wow! Thanks for the support! That means quite a lot to me. And that launched my thoughts down a train of thought related to gratitude. Some of the first things that came to mind that I should express gratitude for:
  • People asking to have the URL to my blog.
  • People viewing my blog. I'm still awed that there have been 100 page views.
  • The new loofah MBWM (My Beloved Wife M) bought me
  • The clean feeling of my skin after using it for the first time this morning. I had quite forgotten how good it felt.
  • The closeness of my relationship with MBWM that allowed me to know that it would be okay to borrow her loofah on a stick. It is a long loofah on a much longer handle. My back hasn't felt that clean or calm from itching in quite awhile. Granted, I had to sandwich it between me and the shower stall wall to be able to get the oomph I needed for a proper cleaning, but it worked.
  • The feeling of an itch satisfied. Hit several of those on my back this morning.
  • The satisfaction of successfully tracking all day yesterday.
  • Enjoying the foods that are yummy, satisfying, and filling and only a few or even zero points
  • Enjoying a few (no longer) guilty pleasures that are only a few more points
  • Enjoying the power of fasting. Fasting is a wonderful spiritual experience that provides focus on something more important than food. I will be talking about fasting in its own entry.
  • Breaking the fast and reviewing the experience.
  • The list of things I want to blog about continues to grow.
  • Great quotes, like the one I'm borrowing today in the PS.
  • New websites like Zen Pencils, especially since it is based on great quotes.
  • Familiar web sites that are becoming online friends
  • Following through on humorous ideas (PS's yet to come)
  • Following through on meaningful ideas (IVCUFI - See entry labeled Background: Employment)
  • Dinner (which is ready now)
There was an event that I want to record as an expression of gratitude. Red Asian Fox came to me with her book The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe. She really enjoyed the poem Dreams. It is a good poem, but it was not the one I originally thought that she was referring to. So I referred her to one of my favorites of his that is of a similar theme, A Dream Within A Dream. She read it and was very enthused by it. She did her mime of mind-blown. I am grateful for her love of reading. I am grateful for her willingness to share. And I am grateful I have something to bring to the conversation.

Yours in great gratitude,


P.S.: On the topic of not ending a sentence with a preposition, Winston Churchill said, "That is the kind of nonsense up with I will not put."

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