Sunday, September 22, 2013

Give me a Yee! Give me a Haa! What does that spell?

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I pushed through the bad ideas of yesterday and was ready to face a new day. I managed to make a series of excellent decisions until snicker doodles and brownies were placed in front of me. Fresh from the oven goodies. Now, I had plenty of points. But I still think I could have eaten less. I have been pondering two things in my weight loss today.

First of all, picking food of better nutrition for the same points. This was my primary concern at dinner. We had a favorite Chicken Taco Salad. Most of it is zero points (spinach, romaine, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions). We left out the grated cheese and tortilla chips because we were out of them. We also use corn, black beans, and grilled chicken. These aren't too high in points. The dressing is made from one part ranch to two parts salsa blended smooth in the blender. We enjoy this salad enough that we dedicated an old maple syrup bottle for the dressing. For the most part, it is wonderfully low in points, especially without the cheese. Knowing there were desserts on the way, I was grateful I had LOTS of points left. But I think I would have been better served scarfing tortilla chips for the points. More filling. Or layering more corn or beans on the salad. As it is, I'm not too worried. I have the week ahead of me to make much better decisions. We shall see how the stress and eating plays out.

Second, I remembered a goal that I hadn't written down yet. I have a very long belt. Even at my 64 inch girth, there is a foot or more of play  beyond the buckle while I'm wearing it. I want to see, if I lose enough weight, can I get the belt to wrap around me twice. That would be incredibly awesome! That would get a Yee-Haa outta me!

Well Horse and S-animal are heading home tomorrow. I'll be getting back to them.

Yours in the enjoyment of the good food,


P.S.: The only workout I got this weekend was exercising poor judgement.

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