Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stress upon Stress

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Days of Tracking: 5/5
Days of Points Calculated: 5/5

Reminder: Tomorrow is "Talk Like A Pirate Day!Get your R's ready.

I am asserting rigorous effort to retain a positive attitude. Laugh in the onslaught of danger. Smile in the face of fear. March through the bogs of depression. But I have to ask the universe: Do I really need that much practice?

The consequence of the inspection is that we have received our 30 day eviction notice. We cannot seem to catch a break. But I have managed to keep tracking and calculating, though the PB&J was most certainly a high-point comfort food.

The frozen meal experience has been wonderfully enlightening. At this time, there are two key lessons. The first is that portion sizes are quite small. If you are eyeballing a portion size, make it small. And then remove some of the food to make it even smaller. Then you have a portion size. Large muffins, for example, are easily two or three servings. The second is that this light frozen meal technique is not the best short-cut out there. Too often, the small meal is still high in points. We had Orange Zest Chicken by Healthy Choice. It was 8 points for maybe a cup and a half of food. It was yummy and very high in points. The high points comes from 52 grams of carbohydrates. The large quantity of carbohydrates comes from exceptionally sweet orange sauce and high percentage of white rice. This makes the lesson that, if you are going to use frozen meals, read the labels with caution and select intelligently.

And with a heavy sigh, I remind myself, again, that the scriptures do not say, And it came to stay. They say, instead, And it came to pass. And I know, that this, too, shall pass.

Yours in the opportunity to dig deep to bring joy to the surface,


P.S.: When all has been said and done, can I take a nap?

P.P.S.: Ahoy! Ye have need, me fine heeled land lubber, of paying special heed to how ye be a-talkin' like one of me hearties. Avast! The bung be free and the courage be pourin' down our throats like Davy Jones be walkin' aboard this very night. So best ye be talkin' aright, right here.

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