Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No Wonder It's Easy to Avoid Getting in Shape

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I went to the YMCA yesterday. I met my goal of completing two laps. I then pushed through my chores, mostly cleaning dishes and making meals. And it was strenuous effort to push through the pain. My leg joints always hurt. But now my muscles are straining at all of my tasks, including my arm muscles. And the pain was even worse today. I keep reminding myself, "This is the way it will be while you are getting into better shape." I had hoped to go to the YMCA again tomorrow morning, but I have too much on my plate that needs me to be able to move. I am hopeful that I will be able to play with the kids at the pool. I still count that as going to the Y, but I don't feel quite so beat up afterwards. Well, not so physically beat up, anyway. Mentally and emotionally worn down by the experience. The experience that comes from the frustration of herding my zoo through preparation, transportation, changing, swimming, getting out of the pool, changing back, confirming nothing's lost (including kids), transporting back, caring for swim items, and then de-stressing while the kids rebound from their energy expenditure well ahead of me. But it always feels worth it. I look forward to it being worth it some more tomorrow. We shall see. Getting into good shape from the shape I am in is going to be a long, drawn-out experience. I hope I have the wherewithal to make it through.

I do have successes to report. There was a bag of Cheetos offered to mate. I ate about 8 - 10. And then I closed up the bag and set it aside. And I tracked what I ate today. And there were other small success that I focus on to be able to keep me going through to the next decision.

But exhaustion is overcoming me. Thanks to the miracle of modern science known as melatonin. Highly recommend it. I am glad I was able to get something into the blog before I become... Before I lose... Before I went to work last time, there was this pretty birdy painting pink swirls on my orange golf cart. ;-)

May we all survive the mountains we all have to overcome. And when we come over to the other side, may we be pleased with what we have accomplished and find happiness in what we come to find there.

Yours in the joy the arriving at the next goal,


P.S.: Melatonin - The parental sanity saver. Melatonin is non-habit forming. I even give it to my kids. When they take it, they won't find it habit forming. As a parent, you will, though.

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