Friday, September 27, 2013

Time Flies When You're . . .

Post Number: 25
Days of Tracking: 3/7
Days of Points Calculated: 3/7

The time has flown swiftly, like the book that enthralls for hours in spite of its deep or melancholic or meaningful content. If I should have success at tomorrow's weigh in, it shall be because I have learned to recognize three things at this stage:

  1. When I should be full, even if I'm not,
  2. How much to serve myself, even if it still appears small, and
  3. How many points things are likely to be worth
And while I consider these a success, I fear the weigh in tomorrow morning. I am by no means of expert or even intermediate standing, yet, when it comes to the finesse necessary for continued successful weight loss. But I do know that I have made some only-slightly-better-than-horrible decisions. While I did cut back on quantity, I fear tomorrow's weigh in because of the frequent poor choices in type of food and in not tracking. The poor choices come from giving in to emotional or stress eating. The lacking of the tracking comes from the mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. I'm trying to meet many demands, starting with my health. But numerous stressful demands prey upon me, such as the paperwork demands on MBWM forced me into tracking down documents and other needed information. Next thing we know, midnight has come and gone. And then add in the confluence of poor home design and childish habits. Right out our bedroom door is our parlor, where the kids play in the morning. They start out quiet, not wanting to wake Mom and Dad. But that lasts until the first instance of one of the kids disagreeing with another. Those of you parents out there with three or more kids: How long until that first disagreement starts?

So, with these excuses and hopes all piled up, what do I predict now what will happen tomorrow? I am going to predict a weight gain. Weight comes on easier than it comes off. And ultimately, I do not know how well I ate in relation to my points. And that will be the ultimate killer of success.

If you have been following along, I will now post my notes from my last Weight Watchers meeting. A reinforcement that will do me well.

Yours in the joy of basking in the glow of my family's love, ever cheering me onward even in their diverted attention,


P.S.: Lately, my workout consists of exercising poor judgement.

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