Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cue Fanfare

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I have been gone too long. I do believe I would have had a much better last couple weeks had I been paying attention to my blog. But my move is complete. I have left behind my old house and entered my new one. And this was only possible through the service and sacrifice of an army of angels. I plan on taking advantage of this new location by making changes to my life to make things even better for my family. But I do have one recommendation when it comes weight loss that I would like to make based on these last two weeks. Don't have a major life change early into a new life style program. Old habits return. Quickly or slowly, they return. It doesn't matter how desirable the life style, it only matters how established the habit when the stress of a major life change. More on specifics as the week progresses. At this stage, I'm only interested in announcing my return (cue fanfare).

To those that have sought to review my progress and have not seen anything, my apologies. For those that stopped looking, I wish you well.

Yours in the joyful possibilities of a new beginning,


This is how Horse labeled one of our boxes in a prior move -

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