Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trains Crossing Your Planned Path

Post Number: 45
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily Points Left: 35 of 71 (Goal: 21)
     Weekly Points Left: 49 of 49 (Goal: 49)
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: Aquatics Class at the Y

We were moving boxes around to locate a specific box with my white pants for attending the temple. It was simple - It had a blue label that said Lowe's and Medium. We located several of those boxes, but none of the ones I needed. We were able to deal with 6 boxes. We did this by pulling them out of the family room and relocating them to their proper location, mostly the pantry. We reassembled the family room so we could continue to pass through the room. It looks noticeable better. While we were reassembling the room, Iguana moved one of the boxes into a pile. It seem large and light because of the ease with which he was able to move it. I asked him what was in it, he said, "Miscellaneous stuff." I got up and went over to the box for a look. And I discovered it was in fact filled with miscellaneous stuff.

I like the Weight Watchers Routine for this month of putting down the fork and sipping water between bites. There is a risk that arises when time is short. MBWM and I were running late for our YMCA Aquatic class. I made breakfast for us. She took hers to go, but I insisted on eating. I sipped water between most bites. But that added to the lateness in spite of my attempt to counter the purpose of this process by eating and sipping quickly. Since I was eating, MBWM chose to also eat. And I barely finished ahead of her, even with my head start. And then, as life has been known to do, we were deterred from our progress to the Y by a train. We had a choice to make. Wait, drive west and hope that crossing wasn't also blocked, or drive east and hope that crossing wasn't blocked. We chose east since that was more in keeping with the direction of the Y. So I performed one of my classic U-turns and proceeded east. I say classic ahead of U-turns because one of my friends who races cars calls me King of the U-Turns. We were fortunate in that the change of path worked. We were made a little later. But that was a good thing. The instruction pool hadn't been brought up to temperature yet. It felt a little cool, but I didn't mind.

After the class, MBWM and I took the time to ask quite a few questions of lots of people so we could figure out how to take the whole family to the Y when we go to Aquatics class. After class, the kids and I can splash around in the pool. We think we have it all figured out. We shall find out on Friday when we have our first run through.

Yours in the happy options of life ahead,


P.S.: It's my stuff and your junk.

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