Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turning the Face of Serenity to the Warmth of the Sun

Post Number: 56
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily Points Left: 34 of 71 (Goal: 21)
     Weekly Points Left: 49 of 49 (Goal: 49)
     Pedometer Reading: 3596
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: Aquatics Class at the Y plus swam 1 lap

I hope you will forgive me, but I am going wax rhapsodic for a moment. As I was driving from one errand to another, seeking to fulfill my responsibilities, planning the next several steps, and just generally charging through my day, I had something of a zen moment. A tall gentleman was waiting at a bus stop. He appeared to be of Native American decent. He had a smooth, coffee with cream colored complexion. He wore his nearly shoulder length hair of deep black in lose, gentle waves. His body from the shoulders to his feet were tall and straight and faced the road I as traveling down. He had one crutch with him. But the crutch didn't appear to be for his support as he stood. He supported the crutch that leaned again him. His head was turned and tilted towards the sun. I was impressed with his expression. It was the sincerity of his serene expression that impressed me. I only saw him for a moment at I passed him at 35 mph. But he stood out in my day by giving me a momentary mental pause. I set aside by concerns. I stopped planning. Instead, I pondered the opportunity to turn the face of serenity to the warmth of the sun.

And then, since I was still driving, I was back into my life, pondering the events that had transpired so far, which was basically my class at the Y and a visit to my Mom. At the aquatics class, I pushed my way through the exercises with extra oomph to be able to get as much of a work out of the experience as I could create. A little past the top of the hour, a lifeguard class showed up to share the pool. They stayed on their side until the class was dismissed, then they started spreading out. I tried to do laps. I barely made it back down the lane to finish my first lap. By the time I turned to take my second lap, they had taken over the lane. I moved on to the hot tub. I am taking some time in the hot tub to see if it aids in recovering from exercise.

While I was enjoying the heat and bubbles, a shrill triple whistle rang out from the lifeguard class. Out of the life guard locker room shot a female lifeguard at the ready. A nearby lifeguard had to intercept her and calm her down. She looked a little chagrined.

While the lifeguard's reaction was both encouraging (in case I need her or one of her compatriots) and humorous, the thing that really stood out while I was at the Y was a comment from the exercise teacher substitute today. She challenged us to make each and every class in December because December is the most difficult month to take care of yourself. It seems to me that this is one of several comments in the last several days to remind me that I have chosen to have a January 1st attitude today and every day.

I am grateful for many (but not all) of the attitudes my kids express. As I typed this, Lemur was here at my side telling me to make sure that I type that I love MBWM. And I do. So I did. And because I love her, I push myself forward in the hopes of being the better, longer lasting, more loving husband she needs and desires. And towards that end, I am going to meditate for a little while today on the opportunity to turn the face of serenity to the warmth of the sun.

Lovingly, gratefully yours,


Iguana told Jaguar to pick from the available Papa Murphy's pizzas that were part of dinner. One of the flavors we ordered was a seasonal pizza known as the bacon, bacon, bacon. While looking at her options, Jaguar said, "I don't like the bacon, bacon, bacon, except for the bacon." That's my girl!

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