Friday, November 8, 2013

Short and Sweet

Post Number: 34
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily Points Left: 16 of 71 (Goal: 15)
     Weekly Points Left: 49 of 49 (Goal: 49)
     Meetings Attended: Missed Overeaters Anonymous
     Exercise Completed: None Scheduled

I started every one of these entries this week with the idea that I would only spend 30 minutes on them. I even took notes and built an outline over the course of the day before to ease shortening the time to write the post. And I am still hitting an hour every day. And the length of those entries. Too much. So today, no preparation. Just sitting down and writing about yesterday.




Yesterday was...

I am so tempted to just leave it at that existential statement. Yesterday was...

Yesterday was many things, good and bad. To only focus on a couple of events, I have long run out of supplements that I encapsulate myself for the family: Ginger (intestinal), St. John's Wort (mood), Cayenne (heart), Spirolina (heart), and Jatoba (anti-fungal). I sat down to make more. It took my several hours, but I did 50 - 100 of each. I did watch Price of Egypt while working on the pills. Some very good music in the movie. My favorite is Through Heaven's Eyes. I put some links to the songs in my postscript in no particular order. It was nice having the music to help through the monotony of encapsulating herbs. And after all of that, did I put them in my pill box? Of course not. Doh!

After the pills, it was on to the organizing of the house. I managed to get quite a bit done in preparation to be able to organize the kitchen, but didn't actually do anything to the kitchen. That will have to happen today. Unfortunately, the tummy bug hit with a vengeance not long before my OA meeting. In the end, I need to be better prepared for more possibilities.

Even if the preparations arise from perverse ideas of an experiment. Having hit so many leftover points for several days, I chose to get closer to 15 than I have so far this week. To do that, I ate ham lunch meat slices. The Pocket Guide says it is 3 points per 2 oz slice. Not sure I believe the point value. Turkey lunch meat is 2 points per 2 oz slice. And beef pastrami is 2 point per 2 oz slice. But that didn't seem to raise the points fast enough, so I put a half slice of sharp cheddar cheese in each piece of ham. That increased the pace of the points, but it wasn't really all that enjoyable. And I shudder to think of the salt content. It was a healthier ham, in that respect, but still ham.

With OA missed and perverse experiments, I may be somewhat behind. But I am ready to push forward again.

See? Short!

Yours in the peace of getting things done, even if it's not absolutely ever planned moment,


We know what the speed of light is. But what's the speed of dark? After all, it's always there before the light arrives.

Price of Egypt

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