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Things that Make Me Go, "Hmmmm..." Starting with - Post Number: 50 (Evaluation: Week 13)

Last Weigh In: Saturday, 23 November 2013

Weight Information -
  • Weight: 424.8 lbs
  • Weight Change This Week: -2.6 lbs
  • Weight Change To Date: -28.4 lbs
  • Weight Gauge: Hmmm
  • BMI: 66.5 (down from 66.9 last week)
  • Daily PPV: 71 (unchanged)
  • PPV Used this Week: 245 out of 497
  • PPV Not Used this Week: 252 (50.7%)
Current Goals -
  • Number Goals
    • Weight: 408 lbs (16.8 lbs away, 10% weight loss)
    • BMI: Reach a value below 40.0 (26.5 away)
    • PPV Not Used this Week: 149 (Beat by 103)
  • Waist Goal: Lose one more available hole in belt (currently at 9)
  • Feel Good Goal: Set up the house. Get in the water with the kids
  • Physical Goal: Walk upright up the stairs of my house every time
  • The Y: Go to three aquatics classes and work on the bicycle machine once next week
  • Weight Watchers:
    • Make a meal plan with the PPV's worked out for two days
    • Use the paper tracker to record calculated points every day this week
    • Use 50 for my daily points instead of 71
    • Avoid using 49 weekly points. Daily points leave 21 available every day. This is up from 15. That's 147 left over points available per week
    • Attend at two meetings this week. Scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday
  • Overeaters Anonymous: 
    • Attend two meetings this week. Scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday (Yes, Thanksgiving Day there is an OA meeting going on)
    • Face up to Step 1
    • Read Preface of AA Big Book
  • Sticky Notes (details to follow)
    • Be active for 5 minutes out of every sedentary hour
    • Put down the fork and sip water between bites
    • Light a candle when carb cravings hit
    • Kimkins onslaught this week
    • Get to bed!
  • Weight Watcher's Awards this week -
    • Bravo - for walking up the stairs more frequently
  • Number Goals: A little closer. Direction feels good. Quantity does not.
  • Waist Goal: Belt is still comfortable and effective at 9 available holes. 10 is ineffective. 8 is uncomfortable.
  • Feel Good Goal: Still working on it. The house is making progress, but it's rather slow. Kids had the audacity to schedule a flu bug to coincide with the pool trip. Rescheduled pool trip for next week.
  • Physical Goal: Still need to crawl up the stairs, especially while recovering from exercise. Exercise particularly difficult on the knees this week.
  • The Y Goal: Switching to machine for calorie burning. Yoga will have to wait. Missed one aquatics class.
  • WW Goal: 
    • Still need to make meal plan goal. 
    • 245 points consumed, 252 points unconsumed. That's 50.7% of my available points remained unused.
  • OA Goal: Still facing up to the spiritual challenge of Step Zero - Is this where I belong for the spiritual assistance I need?
Okay. Let's face up to some of the numbers here. For three weeks, I have gradually decreased the number of points I've consumed. I've eaten less in the Weight Watchers accounting system. I've even recorded my simple slips and guilty pleasures. But as the number of points I've consumed for the week has gone down (291, 278, 245), so has the amount of weight I've lost (14.4, 9.2, 2.6). Hmmm. What is the lesson here? The lesson here is that I need to test these numbers by being very vigilant with my eating on the Kimkins program this next week, this Thanksgiving week. If I am vigilantly selecting my food, diligently tracking the points, aggressively staying on program, willingly working out, and just basically doing everything great for six days, I will have another data point to use when making decisions for continuing my success. I also need to review all of my goals personally more than once a week. Reading my sticky notes will help keep me aware of those specific goals and remind me of additional goals. Among those additional goals, I need to pay attention to my spiritual preparations in making and maintaining these lifestyle changes. In this week's case, reading the preface to the AA Big Book.

Looking Forward:
  • Stay on program with Weight Watchers
  • Stay on track with low carb / low fat food selection
  • Keep on track with Aquatics class and using bicycle machine
  • Develop tools for handling stresses
  • Sleep schedule
  • Pay attention to my sticky notes (details to follow)
I have found the way (IV) to keep losing weight amid lesser stresses.

I have seized the road (CU) road to manage my eating this week.

I am enjoying the journey (FI) by being thankful at every opportunity.

Post Number: 50 (The Big Five-O)
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily Points Left: 23 of 71 (Goal: 21)
     Weekly Points Left: 49 of 49 (Goal: 49)
     Pedometer Reading: 4249
     Meetings Attended: Weight Watchers
     Exercise Completed: None Scheduled

Our Weight Watchers leader, Robin, was thrilled with my more appropriate level of weight loss. I wish I could say that I was thrilled with the weight loss, but I'm not. I'm grateful it was a downward direction. I don't like choosing between an unhealthy rate of weight loss and staying morbidly obese longer. I choose the unhealthy rate of weight loss so I can shorten the time I am morbidly obese. But the weight loss should have been more. Because there were higher than allowed carbs and fat consumed, I have been keeping myself from higher weight loss. I need to face this with every tool I have to make sure this week I am on track. Then I can see if strict adherence produces greater weight loss. If it does, then I have a new set of decisions to make in using the tools I have.

One of the most important tools I have is a getting on a sleep schedule. The more consistent the quantity and timing of the sleep, the better I act, react, and behave. Towards that end, I will be setting a strict schedule for me. Hopefully, that will mean I am more on top of getting the daily things done so the kids are in bed at a consistent time as well.

To assist with the carb counting, I've done two things. I have allowed myself to eat carbs today in moderation. This cannot be a regular occurrence. In Body for Life, there is one day set aside to set aside the diet and exercise. Decisions are still made in moderation, a piece of cake rather than a whole cake. Weight Watchers has the 49 weekly points to use throughout one week. You can use them all on one day, should the mood hit. One leader said she ate all of her daily and weekly points in one day. But because she tracked everything she ate that week, she still lost weight. This take-a-break option is not available in a low carb diet. Eating carbs brings about the end of ketosis, the primary metabolism boost these diets rely on for burning off fat. But for today, I am pondering and relaxing a little. Eating two cups of popcorn instead of the entire bag of microwave popcorn. Half a chicken patty instead of the whole thing. But after today, it is straight into the low carb fast lane.

As part of being in the low carb fast lane, I have created a second carb tool in the form of two tables to assist in tracking the carbs. I will include the tables below. The first table was taken from multiple sources that I did not record. I computed the volume of a serving to eat 4 g of carbs or 5 g of carbs. This is for when I don't want to use my scale. But when I do want to use my scale, I made a second table that will allow me to computer the carbs eaten based on the mass of the serving eaten. This second table includes a percent column so I can calculate the number of grams of carbohydrates eaten. It also include the mass of the serving size to eat 4 g of carbs and 5 g of carbs. These second two columns are more for approximation before I start consuming the food. The data for the second table came from Self Nutrition Data. I will keep these on hand.

I also plan on keeping on hand my candles from OA. My thought here is that when I am feeling the carb crunching urge, I will light a candle to meditate on spiritual growth instead. This will be a herculean feat in that I will have to consciously fight ingrained, automated behaviors. But then, that is part of what I am doing in this life style change.

The lifestyle change includes seeking exercise instead of dodging it. Eating well regardless of desire. To keep my interest in specific activities that I'm most especially interested in and to bring these ideas into my conscious reminder, I will be starting up sticky notes. My plan is to have a maximum of 5 sticky notes. I will use different colors each week as a way to stay alert and to review. My sticky notes for this week are:
  • Be active for 5 minutes out of every sedentary hour
  • Put down the fork and sip water between bites
  • Kimkins onslaught this week
  • Light a candle when carb cravings hit
  • Get to bed!
When I get into my bed on time, I will be thankful. And so, in gratitude during this seasons of Thanksgiving, I thank you for offering me this experience to put forth my thoughts and ideas on weight loss. Truly, this is a blessing to be grateful for.

In gratitude for the successes, great and small,


Faintly remembered quote from a play about a slave turn Mormon. She said, "There isn't anyone that God doesn't bless with something to be able to bless others."
Thank you for your blessings made to me and my family.

Here are the tables I created for counting carbs.

Item4 g Carb Serving5 g Carb Serving
Broccoli, Fresh2/3 cups3/4 cups
Broccoli, Frozen1/2 cups2/3 cups
Cauliflower, Cooked from Fresh3/4 cups1 cups
Cauliflower, Cooked from Frozen2/3 cups3/4 cups
Spinach, Fresh10 leafs13 leafs
Spinach, Fresh1 2/3 cups2 cups
Carrots, Fresh1/3 cups1/3 cups
Cucumbers, w/Skin, Fresh1 cups1 1/3 cups
Cucumbers, w/o Skin, Fresh1 1/2 cups2 cups
Tomato, Fresh1/2 cups3/4 cups
Tomato, Canned1/4 cups1/3 cups
Onion, Fresh1/4 cups1/3 cups
Green Peppers, Fresh1/2 cups2/3 cups
Olives, Canned2 cups2 1/2 cups
Green Beans, Canned1/2 cups2/3 cups

Veggie - Sorted Numerical by % Carb% Carbs
by Mass
Serv. Size
for 4 g Carbs
Serv. Size
for 5 g Carbs
Cucumber, peeled, raw2.2183.4229.3
Lettuce, iceberg (includes crisphead types), raw3.2125.2156.5
Mushrooms, white, raw3.3121.7152.2
Lettuce, cos or romaine, raw3.3120.0150.0
Squash, summer, zucchini, includes skin, raw3.4118.1147.6
Radishes, raw3.4116.0145.0
Celery, raw3.5115.8144.7
Spinach, raw3.7109.1136.4
Tomatoes, raw, diced or sliced3.9101.4126.8
Cauliflower, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt4.491.9114.8
Beans, snap, green, canned, regular pack, drained solids4.490.4113.0
Peppers, sweet, green, raw4.686.4108.0
Mushrooms, canned, drained solids5.179.098.7
Onions, young green, tops only5.671.489.3
Olives, ripe, canned6.363.579.4
Peppers, sweet, yellow, raw6.363.178.8
Broccoli, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt7.255.769.7
Onions, sweet, raw7.652.966.1
Carrots, baby, raw8.050.062.5
Carrots, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt8.248.860.9
Onions, raw9.343.053.7
Onions, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt10.139.449.3

Weight Watchers, Saturday, 23 November 2013
Put your fork down and sip water between meals. How is it working?

  • Hard to remember
  • Works well when remembered
How did you spend time with family and without food? Was it just as satisfying? Why or why not?
  • Watched wrestling
  • Bowling
  • Playing cards
  • More time going up and down stairs
Thanksgiving buffet - The Great Plate

Part 1: The Plan - What's on your Thanksgiving plate?
  • How many total PPV do you want to set as your budget?
  • Don't forget to consider the entire weekend before deciding on the big meal
Part 2: "Fill" your plate with food from buffet.
  • Choose a drink
  • Estimate how many PPV are on your plate
When at someone else's house or a restaurant, you don't always know how food was prepared.

Thank about the PPV of things you don't really want. Swap the item for something you do want. Have what you love with a little control.

Measure an 1/8th of a piece of pie by folding a paper plate in half three times. This will give you a feel for an 1/8th of a pie. (1/8th of a pie is a typical serving in WW)

Use smaller plates. Studies have shown people have equal satisfaction from the same foods on different size plates.

What did you discover at the buffet?
  • How easy was it to stick to you plan?
  • What can you do to effectively combat any on-the-spot urges to splurge?
  • Why don't we always follow through on our intentions? What happened?
If you make only Power Foods, then Thanksgiving will be a Simply Filling day.

What else aids follow thought?
  • Watching out for hedonic hunger (Two Articles: Article 1 and Article 2)
  • Avoid food aromas in air fresheners
  • Eat one bit at a time. Make it meaningful. Sip water.
  • Drink warm water ahead of the meal
  • Move around
How can your Thanksgiving Day Plan help you all season long?

Advice from a lady who reached goal a second time: You are not "home free" at goal. It is still a journey.

Next week - Losing List (A wish list for what you want to gain when you lose the weight.)

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