Sunday, November 10, 2013

Major Boost of a Motivation (Evaluation: Week 11)

Last Weigh In: Saturday, 9 November 2013
Weight Information -
      Weight: 436.6 lbs
      Weight Change This Week: -14.4 lbs
      Weight Change To Date: -16.6 lbs
      Weight Gauge: Whoa! Really?!? That's awesome! Chocolate peanut brittle doesn't have a hold over me today.

Current Goals -
     Number Goal: 430 lbs
     Distance to Goal: 6.6 lbs
     Feel Good Goal: Set up the house, get in the water with the kids
     Distance to Goal: Right around the corner
     Physical Goal: Walk upright up the stairs of my house
     Distance to Goal: Varies greatly, but still crawling most days
     The Y: Go to aquatics classes and yoga next week.
     Distance to Goal: Very nearly did it this week. It will be done next week
     Weight Watchers: (Unchanged)
          Use the paper tracker every day next week including calculating points
          Use 56 for my daily points instead of 71
          Avoid using 49 weekly points. Daily points have 15 available. That's 105 per week.
          Attend at least two regular meetings this week
     Distance to Goal: Pshaw. Not a problem.
     Overeaters Anonymous: Attend two meetings this week
     Distance to Goal: Don't give up!

Okay. Reality check. Low carb comes through. It always does and always will when it comes to starting to take the weight off. The food choices are easy because the list is short. The food prep is easy because, again, the list is short. The problems are: 1) Long-term interest in a short list of foods, and 2) transitioning to maintenance. I believe the second problem is solved by sticking to Weight Watchers. It's the first one rearing its ugly head that puts me into a state of worry. But wait. What's that I see? 14.4 pounds lost! Feel the joy!

I have found the way (IV). This road is very clearly marked for me having traveled it before.

I have seized the road (CU) this week and very nearly used the road to throttle my weight.

I am enjoying the journey (FI) nearly. There is still pain that is intense from the weight that is immense that bear upon my joints that are always on the defense. And there is the low, subtle, warning buzzer of concern that the long-term low-carb food selection may be a struggle. I am concentrating on the exhilaration that occurred when I realized how much weight I'd lost. 14.4 pounds! WooHoo!!

Post Number: 36
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily Points Left: 38 of 71 (Goal: 15)
     Weekly Points Left: 49 of 49 (Goal: 49)
     Meetings Attended: Weight Watchers
     Exercise Completed: None Scheduled

January in November is happening at the Weight Watchers meeting we attend on Saturday. The meeting leader, Robin, said that this surge of attendance they have been seeing lately is unusual for November. But I am keeping my focus on the January mentality now. As a humorous (to MBWM and I) aside, the meeting lost 55 pounds. MBWM and I together lost 20 of them. Looks like we did most of the work in getting the weight off this last week.

After the meeting, we went to WinCo. It was exciting. I looked chocolate peanut brittle in the metaphorical eye and laughed. It had no power over me. Nothing did. I was master of all I surveyed. It felt wonderful. It felt empowering. And I was grateful to be feeling that way. I may just make it a habit to take my shopping list with me to the Weight Watchers meeting on Saturdays. I'll go shopping after the meeting if I lost weight. Also while at WinCo. I looked up the nutrition information of the ham I was eating. It calculates out to 2 points per 2 oz. I knew 3 points was high. Not that it changes anything. If anything, it means there were even more points left over than I originally calculated. And I have been leaving quite a few points in the tracker.

So what things might have helped this last week? Tracking everything I ate. Picking from low-carb/low-fat options that keep me feeling full for quite some time. But I think that the biggest items of assistance were getting on a sleep schedule and getting some exercise. It's not that either of these helped with burning calories. They helped with making better decisions. It; is much easier for me to make better decisions in food selection when sleep is gnawing at my brain. And the exercise kept reminding me for quite some time afterwards that poor food choices brought me to this physical state. But it also feels food in the muscles to have recovered from the exercise. In the end, it is necessary to make this weight loss work. I need it for so very many reasons. Whatever reminds me of any of those reasons pushes my weight in the right direction by better decisions.

Yours in the joyful pursuit of better,


The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not. - Mark Twain

True, but my response? Eating what I want, drinking what I like, and doing what I'd rather got me to this place. Time to pay the piper, as it were.

Weight Watchers, 9 November, 2013
What tools did you use for your success this week?

  • Food scale
  • Tape measure instead of scale
  • Sleep (MBWM contribution)
  • Routines are supposed to be cumulative
  • Old Routine: Get up and walk 5 minutes of every waking hour
  • New Routine: Put your fork down and sip water between bites
What happen when you eat quickly?
  • Eat more
  • Decrease awareness of what and how much you've eaten
  • Don't think about the food as your eating it
  • Decrease in satisfaction
  • Indigestion
  • Feel icky - physically and emotionally
  • Take in air with the food, leading to gas
Why are we eating fast?
  • Time
  • Habit
  • Stress
  • Hunger
  • School
  • Multitasking (Prior routine reminder: Eat distraction free)
Issues that lead to eating fast might be intrinsic or extrinsic
  • Learned from experience
  • Emotional
  • Lots of reasons why - Need to want to slow it down
Slow down your eating and it leads to:
  • Speeding up your weight loss
  • Cleanse the palette between bites by drinking water to enjoy the more intense "first bite" sensation again
Why is it hard to pause while you eat? Time, Habit, Stress, ...

What would it take to slow down?
  • Eating has a time slot, need to schedule enough time
  • If there isn't enough time (15 break at work), pack an appropriate amount of food and eat the rest of your lunch later
  • Feed baby between bites
  • Chopsticks
  • Use non-dominate hand
  • Be the slowest eater at the table
  • Drink more water to feel full earlier
  • Be aware / Stay aware
  • Dont get next bite ready while chewing your current bite
Lifetime members at goal - what worked?
  • Exercise
  • Harder second time around - Keep it off the first time
  • Meetings work
  • Progress needs to be celebrated
  • Call it maintenance instead of a plateau
This time of year is difficult
  • Cold
  • Holidays
  • Dark
  • Depressed
Stay on Program! Remember: January in November!

Next week: Deal w/family and friend without food

Preview of other topics coming up
  • Losing list
  • Great plate
  • Mock Buffet
  • Will Power and Want Power

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