Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Adam!

Post Number: 79
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily Points Left: 47 of 71 (Goal: 31)
     Weekly Points Left: 49 of 49 (Goal: 49)
     Pedometer Reading: 4509
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: None Scheduled

As mentioned yesterday, I am not doing well in the evenings when it comes to food choices. I am staying well below my Weight Watchers assigned and personally chosen points. But I want that next 2.6 pounds gone. It still feels SO good to be rather close to milestone like getting into the 300's. But to do that, I will need to be aware and make changes. Not sure how to make changes towards the positive when it comes to evenings. But I will push forward and onward and upwards. I must do the work to get me where I want to go. And that is exciting.

Even more exciting is that MBWM and Asian Red Fox have joined forces to work together on having a healthier attitude towards food. I cannot begin to describe how good this makes me feel. I'm not going to share any details at this stage. I want their permission first. But there is a distinct joy that thrills my heart and soul to see them tackle this task.

And I have numerous tasks ahead of me today. I will be moving right along. But before I do that, I want to engage in a tradition that my kids started years ago by wishing you a Merry Christmas Adam. This came about when one of the kids noticed that Adam came before Eve. And tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This means that today must be Christmas Adam.

Merry Christmas Adam, One and All!

There are no traditions associated with this event except to wish everyone you meet, Merry Christmas, Adam. And then explain to the blank stares you get or pronouncements that the person's name is not Adam that Adam came before Eve.

Yours in the sprint of the moment and the marathon of the month and the joy of the season,


Warning: This is the Post Script full of P-P.  ;-) My apologies. I had to get in a little bodily humor for Iguana's benefit.

P.S.: Took my family ice skating yesterday. All at the same time. Before heading to church. We were ice skating around corners in our van.

P.P.S.: 1100 page views! I am still in awe that so many people are reading this. To me, it is more a journal (centered around me) than a blog (enticing the reader by centering around their interests). But I am hoping to start changing all of that. This journal has been very helpful to me. I want it to be a service to my readers as well.

P.P.P.S.: With the previous paragraph in mind, I am changing the theme of the weekly blog entry of significance to the weekly educational entry. I want it to be informative, which I am hoping will increase its significance to you, my readers. MBWM suggested this change. And she also came up with a great idea for the first entry. I look forward to working on it throughout this week.

P.P.P.P.S.: Lemur was watching me type up this post this morning back when this was the P.P.S. She asked that I put her name in here. Here ya go:

Luv Ya Lots, Lemur!

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