Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Working Out the Body and the Mind

Post Number: 86
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily Points Left: 55 of 71 (Goal: 31)
     Weekly Points Left: 49 of 49 (Goal: 49)
     Pedometer 2892
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: At the Y -
          Swam Laps (5 laps, 250 yards)
          Water Jogged (5 laps, 250 yards)
     M-W's Daily Word: Pococurante

Happy New Years Eve!

Yesterday went fairly well. I managed to get in my time at the Y bright and early. It felt good mentally to be back into the exercise. My body is still complaining as I post this before running off to the Y again this morning. By getting the Y completed early, I was left with that much more time for effort towards other things. I finished up my first article. It still needs some editing, but it's posted. I am batting around the idea that I may just re-post an entry by cleaning it up in to an article. But then, there is so very much I can think to write about: Fresh versus frozen versus canned vegetables, various vitamins and their vitality based on source, supplements for weight loss, health improving, and nutrition, and additional ideas.

While these were wonderful topics to think about, I have many responsibilities. I'm trying to relearn MS-Access. I'm starting by creating a simple database related to my homeschooling. After that, I have a much, more complex database I am going to attempt to tackle. Both databases have their foundation in MS-Excel, making this composite project all the more workable. (Yup, Dad, this paragraph was meant for you.)

But my skills are nothing if I don't sell them. I am building up my network to get into a new line of work as a manager, preferably not in sales or food. I am networking through new found neighbors into Hewlett-Packard and Micron. And I am keeping an eye on some entry level positions. They may only provide subsistence, but they provide.

But of all of the efforts of yesterday, my favorite part of the day was late in the day and related to food in a successful manner. MBWM and I led the charge in making candies from various combinations of milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, pecans, almonds, pretzel rods, and square pretzels. This took two weeks. And we learned quite a bit. Then frosted sugar cookies and frosted peanut butter cookies were added in over the last few days by the older kids. After all of the preparations were done, we made about a dozen plates overflowing with treats and spread them around the neighborhood. Oh, the rapture of putting all that calorie laden yumminess into other people's possession. We have a small sampling left over. It's too large for my comfort, but I've made it two weeks without eating more than a partial piece of a morsel or a sliver of a scraping. I suspect that the remnants will be polished off well before I am tempted.

Temptations and food decisions were easier to handle yesterday than last week. I suspect part of that was overcoming the difficulties associated with my fast. By sticking to the fast and its purpose, I was able to show myself and the universe that I can give up some basic desires and needs for a higher purpose. And that last weigh in still has me feeling good. That remnant of my euphoria exists because I wasn't on my best behavior and yet I still lost weight. I know my body going to balk at weight loss soon enough. It is going to cause consternation by contending with my weight loss rather than capitulating in some weeks. And that may be this week. I have made it into the 300's and I am not going back. And so long as the sign of the weight change is negative, I will be thrilled with the quantity.

And really, that's the mental part of this. I have to make this weight loss permanent in my mental thoughts processes. A few weeks ago, I asked MBWM about which changes to make in my life. She was most concerned about my relationship with food. I'm significantly more worried about finances and other considerations than she is. Considering I was eating myself to death, her concern makes sense. And really, that's is an essential part of my motivation. I am making these changes to improve myself so I can be a better person for her. There is something even deeper in the motivation this time and in prior weight loss efforts. I have not been able to explain it to myself, but there is something deeper pushing me to exult in this motivation. These words meant little to me a few months ago. I had the mere desire of wanting to be motivated for my relationship with MBWM. Now, I am empowered by those words and something deeper. This requires some meditative exploration.

Something that requires little exploration for its simplicity is that MBWM is reinforcing the idea of the weight loss permanence. This may not be a conscious effort on her part, but I've notice little things that suggest she is also thinking things through to the long-term results. She pointed out an advert for my medical credit card that came yesterday. It mentions that my card can be used for cosmetic procedures. She suggested using the card to remove the flap of skin draping down from my tummy that I will have left when I am at my goal weight. I think I will make sure to maintain my weight for somewhere from nine months to two years before undergoing the procedure. Do I have an incredible wife? I do. But even better than that, I have the perfect wife. The wife that is perfect for me.

And on that romantic note, I am heading to the Y again, bright and early. This time, to tackle the recumbent elliptical known as the SciFit.

Yours in carrying the joys through the hardships,


P.S.: One of my favorite quote concerning understanding women. I just had to share it with this post -

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