Friday, December 27, 2013

Strengthening Murphic Entropy by Breaking Routine

Post Number: 83
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily Points Left: 55 of 71 (Goal: 31)
     Weekly Points Left: 49 of 49 (Goal: 49)
     Pedometer Reading: 2109
     Meetings Attended: Missed Overeaters Anonymous preparing & eating Christmas dinner
     Exercise Completed: Recumbent Elliptical (upped resistance from 1.0 to 1.5. Reached 0.76 miles)

I have discovered how to grant Murphic Entropy additional strength during the day. Let's me present the case study for this situation.

I have not managed to do well in getting to exercise or meetings this week. This was weighing on my conscious along with the break from dieting on Christmas. I was absolutely going to the Y. And I was going to bring my kids along for the ride. I wish I could have heard Murphic Entropy chuckling in the background. The kids took more than an hour to get out of the door. This point of information is important later on. With kids firmly strapped into their seat and safety seats, I made a dash amid the holiday traffic to arrive at the Y. The Y appeared to be the premium destination for the time of this particular day in the holiday season. There were numerous regulars and new members crowding the front desk. There were even guests of members requiring a physical paper process for signing them in. But slowed though we were, we challenged the crowd and completed the check in process for the little one to the child care, the one going to the youth center, and the rest of us continuing on to the exercise location.

Hampered by the crowds and the family changing room being closed for remodel, I feared finding a locker for myself so I could change. I found one, but quickly realized I had left my lock in the van in my swim bag. I wasn't sure which kid would want to go swimming, which would run the track, and which would use the machines. So after the verbal chaos of trying to make things work, I chose to allow only non-water exercise yesterday, assigning water exercises to today. And so my lock was left waiting in my swim bag in the car. Before changing into my exercise clothes, I recognized the need for the lock and sent a text to Asian Red Fox to send Iguana in to me. My plan was to explain the need for the lock to Iguana. A short delay towards exercising, but only a minor one. But Asian Red Fox hadn't responded by the time I had finished changing. I then called her phone, reaching voice mail twice. I maniacally used copy and paste to send the message, "Please Respond" 49 times, because 50 seemed overboard.

After about 5 minutes, I packed all of my belongings except my jacket in my back pack that I use for an exercise bag. I went out and located Asian Red Fox to explain the issue. Since it wasn't an emergency or even an urgency, I let her get back to walking the track while I sought out the SciFit Recumbent Elliptical. A signal then arrive sent from Mother Nature. It was very intense. One of the signals that has you charting a direct course for the nearest restroom but walking at an irregular pace. You probably are familiar with the shuffle-shuffle-shuffle-shuffle-shuffle-shuffle-pause-pause-pause pace of reaching the facilities. While I wasn't worried about actually reaching them without an accident, I had access to a shower and a change of clothes with me after all, I was grateful that the arrival was without incident.

But the incident was due to the queasiness of two days ago. The queasiness of yesterday fomented into open rebellion seeking a quick exit. And knowing that there would be waves of rebellion to follow, I chose to remain where I was. It had been the last stall and the other one was occupied by someone carrying on a series of phones calls. Fearing premature departure leading to a lack of availability, I chose to stay. The machines would be there when I finally left the locker room. The kids were being watched. I was okay for the moment.

Again, Murphic Entropy began to chuckle. His nose is going to be SO incredibly bopped if he ever leaves his anthropomorphic state to physically enter my presence. Well, if he has a nose.

You see, Murphic Entropy had planned ahead. While I was there debating the level of disquiet within my intestines necessary to successfully exercise and whether I had reached that level, there came an announcement over the intercom dispatched throughout the Y. It seems that someone was being paged to come to the front desk. The owner of a car that I knew to be mine even before the license plate confirmed it, needed information they possessed. I knew exactly what had happened. For the first time away from the house, whichever kid had been last out of the van, that kid had left the sliding door to the van open. When the van was originally disgorging the kids, they had scattered out across the parking lot, bringing me in hot pursuit. I had not checked the van. Kind neighbors had pointed out the open door while the van was in our driveway. This knowledge left me certain of the purpose of this page.

I was being called away from my moment of respite to close a door. I sent a text to Asian Red Fox to gather Iguana and meet me in front of the elevators. She had completely missed the announcement when I said we were heading to the front desk because of the page. And I then informed her of my prediction of an open van door. After wading through the crowd keeping two women quite busy, I was informed of the open door. I crowed my accuracy of the prediction. And then I sent Iguana out to the van. Here was a way to solve two problems. I gave him instructions to get my swim bag and then close the door. Even though he had been pushing hard running around the track, he frustratingly moseyed out to the van. I sat down so I would have a good view in the opposite direction. Watching Iguana mosey through the cold in his shorts and t-shirt would have warmed my temper. When he returned, I knew instantly two things. One, he'd closed the door to the van. And two, he'd closed the door before grabbing the bag. And since I had hit the lock button on the fob, the doors had instantly locked when the last one finally closed.

No matter! The option of exercising wasn't closed. I went straight to the SciFit Recumbent Elliptical. I immediately cleared it, upped the resistance, and started pumping. I pushed hard. But those moments were interrupted by issue after issue with Asian Red Fox and Iguana. Painfully worn out, especially in the thigh muscles, I chose to call it at 0.75 miles. I thought that I would be able to come back to the machine after a brief pause. Or maybe I would sit in the sauna or relax in the hot tub briefly. But a text reached me saying the Grandma and Grandpa were nearly at our house. Remembering how excited the kids were to show off there Christmas treasures, I grabbed my exercise bag, my jacket, my son Iguana, my phone from Iguana, and made a bee line for the child care. I could change at home. I sent a text to Asian Red Fox, "Grab Jaguar (from the youth center) and meet me at childcare." Iguana broke off and grabbed Jaguar since Asian Red Fox hadn't arrived. I grabbed Lemur and Quail from child care, met up with Jaguar and Iguana, and as I lifted my phone to send another text, Asian Red Fox sent the text, "K". I replied, "I have all of the kids. Run to the van."

And we ran to the van ahead of her. The excitement and thrill of impending Show and Tell pushing us all through the parking lot. Only, Murphic Entropy had another card to play. A minor one ahead of the big one to come, but a card to play nonetheless. Jaguar had left her drawings in the youth center. And she was off like a flash before I could promise something desirable if she left them. But not matter, she was there and back before Lemur and Quail were buckled into their respective safety seats.

And once everyone was buckled, we then had to wait for Asian Red Fox. With a mosey all her own, she strolled out to the van. Once in, I roared out of the parking lot onto the roads for home. About halfway way home, Murphic Entropy played the final card. MBWM had given Grandma and Grandpa their Christmas gift. And they were incredibly desirous to get home and use it. They weren't going to wait an indefinite amount of time for the grand kids. If I had tried to gauge their patience, I probably would have stayed and exercised some more. Possibly even gone swimming. All of the family's swim gear was in the van.

But the van, along with several other pawns, allowed Murphic Entropy to play havoc with my return to exercise. And there in lies the power I turned over to Murphic Entropy. I took a break from the pattern and Murphic Entropy stepped in and took advantage of it. That's not to say my foe doesn't have many tools at his disposal. He has a diverse range that includes mechanical problems, emotional issues, personal weaknesses, and more.

These efforts by Murphic Entropy only make my successes all the more sweet. It isn't very sweet in the middle of the chaos, but the success are all the more victorious for the additional effort needed to conquer.

Yours in the joyful expansion of the mind that sees the silver lining in every Murphic Entropic battle,


P.S.: My wife has the great statement, "The more I share the less I wear." For me and this journal, that sharing includes the trials, tribulations, stresses and strife of life.

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