Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Experimental Post Number 4...

This post was written and saved by 12:56 am. I will post it after 1 am. This is to determine if the time it was saved or the time it was posted determines the date listed for the post. Since it shows as Wednesday, January 1st, it tells me two things. First of all, the date is based on when "Publish" is clicked. And second, the date is based on the Pacific time zone.

Now I know. And knowing is half the battler. G I Joe. A real American hero.

I only would have learned this tonight, because of the reason I am staying up. This will allow me the time and the awareness to perform this experiment. I will probably never use this information. But should I write an entry in advance and have the consciousness to post it after 1 am, then I will know it is properly dated.

Thank you for bearing with me,


P.S.: Happy New Year! May your life's goals be reached by your effort to bless our life richly.

P.P.S.: DOH! I just realized that the time stamps in my list of posts shows the time. And the time is Pacific.

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