Thursday, January 16, 2014

Getting On the Road

Post Number: 102
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 27/44 of 71 (Goal: 26/45)
     Pedometer Reading: 7383
     Meetings Attended: Weight Watchers
     Exercise Completed: At the Y -
          Swam Laps (6 laps, 300 yards)
     M-W's Daily Word: Gaffer

With our new morning schedule being put into place, I was up at 5 yesterday morning to make it to swim at the Y. I pulled it off and made it back just a little late for the 7 am wake up call. I am still troubled by not being able to pull of the best decisions on the food selection later in the day this week. It's not clear what makes indulgences more tempting this week than last. To deal with this concern, I had planned on having a meaningful snack around 4 pm to stave of the pre-dinner hungries and the late evening snackies. My hope is that this will solve my poor-choice snacking. Though I am grateful to still be within the personal limits of points I have set for myself.

Adding to the list of limits, I am going to have to keep this entry short. I could hardly stay awake come 5 pm yesterday evening. And the evening was full of preparations for a short road trip, a two hour trip (one way). Preparations that are still incomplete this morning. So I am off to finish them and hit the road.

Yours in the sprint of today, the marathon of tomorrow, and the pleasing exhaustion throughout,


P.S.: A few of the road songs from back in the day:

And here are a few of the YouTube suggestions from the above links to extend the fun a little:

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