Friday, January 17, 2014

There and Back Again, of Less Sophistication

Post Number: 103
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 28/43 of 71 (Goal: 26/45)
     Pedometer Reading: 7111
     Meetings Attended: Missed Overeaters Anonymous
     Exercise Completed: Missed
     M-W's Daily Word: Ostentatious

Meaning no disrespect to the exceptional work of Mr. Tolkein, I have gone there and back again. In the interest of assisting my in-laws and having a little fun along the way, my family went on a road trip yesterday. Fortunately, it was funded by my in-laws. The goal was to bring an electric scooter that had belonged to my father-in-law's deceased brother Uncle R.G. the 120 miles from Gooding Idaho, where Aunt G.G. lives, to Nampa Idaho for my father-in-law. The trip was wonderful. Our van stood up to the challenge of hauling us and our road trip belongings, and pulling our wood and steel box-shaped sail of a trailer there and back again. We managed to locate a new toy so the kids could listen in the van while watching DVDs on a laptop. It is a broadcasting unit that takes the input from a sound source to broadcast it to the car's radio. The van's sound system made listening to the movie being watched all the more enjoyable. While there were no elves, still there were songs sung and tales told. While there were no small and study ponies, our travels were fleet of tire. While there was no Smaug, we did descend into fog filled valleys to slay the distance. While there was no gold, there lay a treasure in need of being returned to home. And while there was no auction made boisterous by the multitudinous attendees to bid us home, there were several locations left to reach made boisterous by the number of directions. Unfortunately, the half-day trip started late, went later with an extended visit with the wonderful aunt, included various hiccups along the way and suddenly it was 8 pm. Dinner was barely nuked, everyone was ready to pass out, and I missed numerous tasks for today. Some of them, like updating my address to able to receive my W2, can happen today. But I cannot make up the missed time at the Y or the OA meeting.

And so I will head off into today pretty writing off this week as far as meetings and exercise. This is not to say I am skipping the Y today, the final event of this week, or WW tomorrow, the initial event of next week. I am having trouble implementing the new family schedule so that the exercise and meetings are met as well as the responsibilities resolved by the family schedule. The Y and OA suffered this week because of the new schedule. Next week, I will have to make it all work to be able to put everything into action.

And something I must put into action is figuring out the best way to curb my cravings. I did well today, having planned for a half day trip. My plans were executed for the initial half-day design. My plans were updated when it became obvious that I would not be home in the early afternoon. And then I was home and making poor decisions. Again, not so bad as to knock me out of my point regime. But still, an expensive way to reach those points. I am wondering what tomorrow's weigh in will be like. And then I will have to get boisterously back to work.

Now, if I could get paid for something that kept me at home, I would have the ultimate job. There is nothing I would rather do than be home taking care of business and family. There's not enough TLC being sent my kids' way and I need to make up for that.

Yours in the hopes and dreams, goals and endeavors of tomorrow, tomorrow's tomorrow, and all of the tomorrows of tomorrow that lead to a satisfying today,


P.S.: Joy is portable. Bring it with you.

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