Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting to Work on Getting Work

Post Number: 107
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 23/48 of 71 (Goal: 28/43)
     Pedometer Reading: 5349
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: None Scheduled
     M-W's Daily Word: Zany

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had been practicing for three weeks on a piece of music to share in our sacrament meeting. I received many compliments including a request to play it again. It was a challenging piece for me. I look forward to playing again. And since the request to perform has instigated a (near) habit of practicing the piano, I plan to continue practicing. I have picked a couple more pieces of varying difficulties so I can be ready quickly to perform again.

And then it was on to performing my part in the keeping of the Lord's Flock. There are so many joyful blessings when serving as an under-shepherd. And then my day was nearly over.

And while I did have a minor, brief temptation to join in what the rest of the family was eating, I was easily able to push it aside. I was eating some awesome food myself. The family was eating some of MBWM's home-made lasagna. Lasagna has long been a favorite food. MBWM's lasagna is incredible! But I said I looked forward to trying some when I was below 350 pounds. That's when I will be making my transition off of Kimins for food selection and into my self-made VeggieDaBody program. VeggieDaBody is based on a vegetable heavy selection of food, the American Heart Association Dash Diet and Body for Life. I am still assembling the details for publishing in my blog. I am hoping to make it a part of my next article.

The next article may be awhile. I haven't even started my next article (due today). I would like to have an article to post for today but since I kept working on job searching last week, the article will have to be a future endeavor. I am hoping to put together something today, but I have to follow up with my networking contacts first. And then I need to work on creating new networking contacts. And all of that is after home school. The thing I actually most want to do clean my desk. The clutter is getting to me. And I am most looking forward to getting through these categories of tasks so I can move on to the fun of a family birthday party today.

Yours in the success that is getting to work,


P.S.: The diaper packaging lies. My Quail's diapers never holds the 21 pounds the packaging claims.

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