Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Adding to the Upgrade of Two Days Ago

Post Number: 123
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 24/47 of 71 (Goal: 28/43)
     Pedometer Reading: 5556 (paused)
     Meetings Attended: Overeaters Anonymous
     Exercise Completed: At the Y -
          Arm Bicycle Machine
               15 minutes & 1.00 miles, no resistance settings
          Octane Recumbent Elliptical Machine (upgrade from the SciFit)
               10 minutes & 1.73 miles @ level 4 setting (used just legs)
          Swam Laps (7 laps, 350 yards)
     M-W's Word of the DaySoigné

When I arrived on the exercise floor, a long-time friend yelled in greeting. It was nice to see him. I hope I catch up with him on another morning. I don't believe he goes every day. I have to while I still can so I have access to exercise machines.

I had a desire to try out other machines. Yesterday morning was my chance. Both Octane machines were in use when I arrived. I went to the machine that use a bicycle motion but is for the arms. I didn't really like it, but it had my upper body working. I had a little something of a burn. When I was done, one of the Octanes was available. I went and used it. I liked it much better. And I built up to a greater burn. Plus, The Octopus worked great. I was able to read/listen to Start Strong. Finish Strong. on my Kindle. I didn't get far into Chapter 3, but I am most interested in what it has to say. It speaks on motivation. It starts out talking about excuses. I understand well the difference between excuses and reasons. And since it was 6:40 in the morning, the excuses to not exercise had been well and truly beaten by the reasons to exercise. What interests me is to learn if there is a discussion on adapting motivations with time or how to energize a motivation that has been active for years or some other long-term discussion. There are categories of motivations. But is there an evolution of motivations?

I sure needed motivation today. I had a package to get in the mail and a couple other errands ahead of going to OA. The wonderful event starting the errands was the fact that I went out without my coat (in 28 degree sunny weather) and was able to put on my seat belt. After the errands, it was a made dash through various responsibilities associated with networking my consulting business and other business concerns. And once those were behind me, it was cooking for dinner guests.

And then the day was over and I was gratefully making plans for tomorrow, including locating the lost and found at the Y to locate my shampoo and body wash containers. And, sadly, I will be asking the Y to cancel my membership. I do not see how I can stretch my finances into having gas money to make it to the Y. I have appointments on Thursday to visit the two fitness centers in Kuna, Anytime Fitness and Freedom Fitness. I am hoping that both of them are affordable and that the cheaper of them has a recumbent elliptical. My expectation is that neither of them has a recumbent elliptical. And so I will be using the free pass for Anytime Fitness to test out how will I do on the equipment. From that experience, I will compare equipment between the two.

And while I am making that comparison, I will be also be starting to locate exercise partners. I have a brother-in-law that has offered to let me use the equipment in his garage. That will help out and may soon be the only affordable option I have.

But not exercising cannot become an option. There is too much riding on my health and my health is riding on my exercise and diet. And the focus needs to stay on my health, regardless of what is used for long-term motivation.

Yours in the continual search of the motivation of self,


P.S.: This week will be a series of pictures that I found while cleaning out my smart phone.

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