Sunday, February 2, 2014

Being Stoked! (Evaluation: Week 23)

Last Weigh In: Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weight Information -
  • Weight: 375.4 lbs
  • Weight Change:
    • This Week: -5.0 lbs
    • To Date: -77.8 lbs
  • Weight Gauge: Stoked!
  • Body Mass Index: 58.8 (down from 59.6)
  • Daily PPV:
    • Assigned: 71 (unchanged)
    • Personal: 28 (unchanged)
  • PPV This Week: 
    • Used: 161 out of 497
    • Not Used: 336 (67.6%)
Goals (Description / Evaluation) -
  • Chronological Goal: No longer obese in 2014 / Recreated projections page. Not sure what went wrong with prior projection calculations. The statistics is correct but there's something wrong with the algebraic set up. The predictions below are offered with the understanding that these dates will move around depending on how my average weight loss progresses.
    • Current recreated projections using the last 14 weeks of data predict that I will drop below -
      • Morbidly Obese between July 2, 2014 and July 4, 2014,
      • Severely Obese between August 12, 2014 and August 17, 2014,
      • Obese between September 22, 2014 and September 28, 2014,
      • Overweight between November 2, 2014 and November 9, 2014. 
      • The trend is that the projected dates are progressing to later dates as more data is provided. That is, the projected dates are moving away from today as I compile more data if I cut off the early part of my data.
    • Current recreated projections using all 23 weeks of data predict that I will drop below -
      • Morbidly Obese between August 25, 2014 and September 15, 2014,
      • Severely Obese between October 17, 2014 and November 11, 2014,
      • Obese between December 9, 2014 and January 7, 2015,
      • Overweight between January 31, 2015 and March 5, 2015.
      • The trend is that the projected dates are progressing to earlier dates as more data is provided. That is, the projected dates are moving towards today as I compile more data if I don't cut off the early part of my data.
    • The two sets of results tell me that the reality will be somewhere in between.
  • Employment Goals
    • Make at least 5 networking contacts each week. / Making progress with digging past the surface level leads into deeper opportunities. Following up on all leads. Leads have started to dry up. That's okay. It was expected. Have to work a little harder to locate additional leads. Must keep the network active with my feedback of gratitude and confirmation of applications while expanding the network to new sources.
    • Apply for at least 5 positions each week / Applying for positions is time consuming but I am hitting this one and then some.
    • Ace the next job interview / Preparing for the interview even now.
  • Weight Watchers Awards this Week:
    • 5 lbs - For passing another 5 pound mark at 380 pounds. Next one is only 0.4 pounds away.
    • Bravo - For hitting the Y 5 times this week to swim and to use the recumbent elliptical machine even though it meant getting up at 5 am
    • 75 Pounds Washer - For losing 75 pounds
  • Number Goals: Direction is exciting. Quantity is pure ecstasy.
    • Weight: Passed two weight loss hurdles: Use my bathroom scale and 75 pounds lost. Next three goals are -
      • Leave 71 PPV behind at 374.0 lbs / 1.4 lbs away
      • 20% Weight Loss at 362.4 lbs / 13.0 lbs away
      • 100 Pounds Lost at 353.2 lbs / 22.2 lbs away
    • BMI: Reach a value below 40.0 (morbidly obese) / 18.8 away
    • PPV Not Used this Week: 301 PPV / 336 PPV - Beat goal by 35
  • Waist Goal: Lose another available hole in the belt until I need to switch to a new belt. / Belt is comfortable and effective at 4 available holes. 5 is  somewhat effective. 3 is uncomfortable.
  • Feel Good Goal: Consistent practice of my meditation and relaxation techniques / Starting meditation this week. Continuing review and research of meditation. Starting relaxation techniques this week.
  • Physical Goals: 
    • Put on the seat belt in my car using both straps, not one strap. / Very nearly there. Without my jacket, I can exert enough of my strength to occasionally get it to click. It is too cold to be without my jacket. 
    • Walk upright up the stairs of my house every time using the railing only for precaution. / I still need to mountaineer my way up the stairs. I am comfortable with coming down the stairs.
    • Tie my shoes unassisted anywhere. / I cannot tie my shoes without physical aids or personalized assistance but it is getting easier.
    • Take a bath in my bathtub. / My bathtub is big enough to hold me, but I cannot get into or out of it when it's dry without painful exertion. This would negate any lasting value to the bath. Don't want to try to get wet yet.
  • The Y: Swim laps four days next week. Use the recumbent elliptical machine ahead of swimming. I am going to set my alarm for 5 am for next week. / Arrived at the Y, pushed against the elliptical, swam my laps, came home, all before 7:30 am for five days in a row. Very difficult work out that I feel in my knee and ankle joints and in my arm and leg muscles. I will try this for one more week before deciding what changes to make.
  • Alternative to the Y: I need to research further for options outside of the Nampa Rec Center and Axiom. / I'm going to take tours of places to locate machines I'll actually use. Pool is being downgraded from a primary requirement to a secondary condition to open up more options. This week's fitness centers include Freedom Fitness and Anytime Fitness in Kuna to limit driving distance by their proximity to my home. According to Google Maps, Freedom Fitness will add 1.4 miles and 28 minutes to my exercising efforts if I walk. According to Google Maps, Anytime Fitness will add 1.9 miles and 37 minutes to my exercising efforts if I walk. This assumes walking at a consistent 3 mph. Also located free 3-day pass for Idaho Athletic Club and a 7-day pass for Anytime Fitness. Another option to explore includes Planet Fitness (good price at $10/mon but nearly as far away from me as the Y). Planet Fitness was the only location that has their prices online. Axiom, Nampa Rec Center, Gold's Gym, Idaho Athletic Club, YMCA, Planet Fitness, and a few other fitness centers all have the difficulty of being more than 9 miles away one way.
    • Exercise without the Gym: Locate workouts options that don't involve a gym. / Starting this week. Already own Weight Watcher 
    • Weight Watchers:
      • Make a meal plan with the PPV's worked out for one day to serve as a fall back. / I don't know why this one is so difficult. I made a three week plan for the family. After two weeks, we completely updated the meal plan. A one day plan should be easy. I have enough food options on hand to be concerned about an actual meal plan. This goal is important for when I leave Kimkins behind and start a different food selection method. I will restore this goal then.
      • Use the paper tracker to record calculated points every day this week. / I have tracked for 15 weeks. The only day I missed was Christmas. Go me!
      • Keep available PPV at 28 for my daily points instead of 71 as assigned by WW. / Easy! I have even been eating a little less than this. And the assigned points start decreasing for me after approximately 374 pounds. Eventually, the assigned points and my personal points will meet up somewhere. That will be an exciting day. As will the restoration of the 49 weekly points.
      • Range of PPV in past has varied daily between 6 and 18 points from goal in one week. Keep range to 4 points except while fasting. / This week was great. The range was 0 PPV. Not going to shoot for that this week intentionally, but I am going to keep it low.
      • Avoid using 49 weekly points. Daily points leave 43 available every day. That's 301 left over points available per week. / Nailed it!
      • Attend two meetings this week. Scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday. / Missed Wednesday. Wednesday is frequently a problem. No more scheduling visits or activities anywhere near Wednesday's meeting. And while I didn't schedule anything over this meeting this week, life did.
    • Overeaters Anonymous: 
      • Attend two meetings this week. Scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday. / Missed Tuesday meeting because of life. Will work on this one.
      • Perform moral inventory for Step 4. / It is still progressing but has slowed a little because of additional reading time I desire. Having experienced personal, spiritual growth in the past, it feels good to be getting into it again.
    • Never Ceases to Amuse Me Blog:
      • Journal 300 out of 365 days. / I have yet to miss a day in 2014.
      • Write a weekly Expansionist Knowledge article so long as employment goals have been met. / Employment goals are met but spending time on the job search rather than the article writing. This goal will return at a later date.
    • Reading Materials - Self-assigned reading selection
      • What Color is Your Parachute? - Reading to commence this week
      • This is How to Get Your Next Job - Reading to commence this week
      • Start Strong. Finish Strong. - Read Chapter 3
      • AA Big Book - Read Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of the AA Big Book. / Read a little of Chapter 5. Need to spend more time here.
      • Some books I want to read right now but don't have time:
        • WW Find Your Fingerprint
        • The Doctor is In
        • Good Calories. Bad Calories.
    • Sticky Notes
      • Be active for 5 minutes out of every sedentary hour
      • Push for another WooHoo Weigh In!
      • Put down the fork and sip water between bites
      • Eat more veggies
      • No high carb nibbling. Kimkins separation in T-minus 25 pounds.
      • Get to Bed! 5 AM Comes Early!!
    Additional Goals -
    • Lifetime Goal: I am losing weight so I can live, laugh, learn, and love longer at my wife's side. / I have the living, laughing, learning, and loving working quite well. I just need to make those changes that will produce the longer part of the goal.
    • Long-term goals: I am losing weight and maintaining it over the course of years so that I can...
      • Attend every kid's sealing: Horse, Asian Red Fox, Jaguar, Iguana, Lemur, and Quail / Horse's sealing is coming up in April. Asian Red Fox is still several years out.
      • Bike, swim, walk, play, and otherwise be active with my kids and my future grand kids / Swimming is getting easier. Other activities are still under consideration.
      • Comfortably fit into a pair of pants that can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Shopko, JC Penney’s, etc. / Still making progress. Still need to work off at least 10" - 12".
      • Wrap my largest belt around me twice to be able to use it. / Need to reach a 37" waist to do this. Progress continues to be accomplished. Currently at 56"; 19" to go. Retire belt in 4 more holes.
    • Intermediate goals: I am losing weight over the course of the next several months so I can...
      • Stand comfortably during lectures, seminars, etc and not feel extreme pain in my ankles, knees, hips, and arches. / Pain is still there, but that's because of the added pressure experienced during exercising.
      • Recover from long day of work in one good night’s sleep / Can't seem to get a good night's sleep right now, so I can't judge this one.
      • Handle stresses better / This is a mixed bag right now.
      • Bring down my blood pressure / Current BP readings are most frequently in the pre-hypertensive range. Need to have the occasional Stage 1 reading become non-existent.
      • Be more attractive to MBWM / *Big*Smile*
    • Short-term goals: I am losing weight today so that I can...
      • Take charge of this part of my life today
      • Abstain from compulsive eating behaviors today
      • Be better able to handle the tasks of today
      • Have the warm fuzzies of today's successes available for tomorrow stresses and strains

    I created a new chart that is a variation of the BMI graph based on the ideas of including my goals. Goals that were three pounds or less were combined with the lower goal providing the numerical value. The full size picture is easier to read.

    Progress is being made in several fronts. I had hoped by this stage that my joints wouldn't hurt as much, but I want to be exercising now. Exercising now will hopefully lead to exercising later. Exercise is one of the major components missing from the last times I lost weight. The possibility of leaving behind the elliptical will have to wait for one more week before reviewing the cost of the progress versus benefits of exercise. I don't like it or enjoy it, except for swimming, but it is an important part of maintaining weight loss efforts. I need to build the habit now. We shall see what the future holds monetarily to determine what form my exercise takes. But for the time being, the Y is available and will be used.

    Looking Forward:
    • Stay on program with Weight Watchers, especially keeping the daily points consumed to a daily maximum of 28 and a daily range of 24-28 PPV.
    • Skimped on the veggies a little this week. Need to bring up the quantity again. Need to work even more in as I adjust food selection gradually away from the strict LCLF options to round out the diet a little more without allowing the temptation of high carb nibbles into my week.
    • Stay on track with working out on the recumbent elliptical and swimming laps at 5 am.
    • Attend all meetings. Don't schedule things before them. Hopefully life won't intrude this week.
    • Hold onto the joyful feelings of this day to get me through the the times of lesser success in weight loss, the trudging through job searching, and other complications life is throwing my way. This one has been vital on several occasions.
    IV - I have found the way to habitually choose my food well.
    CU - I have seized the road by pushing on with the exercise even though exercise shoves back.
    FI - I am enjoying the journey by reveling in the exciting accolades because of what the shiny washer represents.

    Post Number: 120
    Review of Yesterday's Progress
         Daily PPV Used/Left: 18/53 of 71 (Goal: 28/43) - Not feeling well last evening
         Pedometer Reading: 6539
         Meetings Attended: Weight Watchers
         Exercise Completed: None Scheduled
         M-W's Daily Word: Malversation
         Page Views to Date: 1611 (Increased by 90 Page Views This Week)

    What an incredible day! Starting with a smaller victory, I lost enough weight to get a 5 pound star and put me within 0.4 pounds of the next 5 pound star. I wonder if I can lose enough to earn two stars next week? I am not goign to challenge myself with that goal. Losing 5.4 pounds is quite a bit of work with a fair amount of cooperation from the body. The next victory is that I am now able to use my bathroom scale. I took the scale with me to compare theirs and mine. My scale weighs in at 0.2 pounds less than the Weight Watchers scales. I will be taking the scale with me to the Y one of the days this week to compare their scale and my scale. I don't use my scale all that much. Even when losing weight on my own, I weigh in only once a week. I am curious, though, how much I carry around in clothing, shoes, and accouterments. I am going to guess 5 to 7 pounds on weigh in day. I strive to wear the same clothes every week. The major victory that led to an extended round of clapping and several congratulatory comments after the meeting was the 75 pounds washer. That was very exciting.

    When my body feels as joyful after exercising as I do right now, then I will have achieved a victory of heroic proportions.

    But the pleasurable ecstasy of the moment fades, not in intensity, but in focus. There is much that needs my attention. There are great books needing read. Meditations that need to be pursued. Relaxation techniques that need to be explored. And these things can only happen now while I have the time. Time that is shared with many responsibilities like job searching. The bliss of the hurdles cleared is there through these activities. But time is not always with me as bliss has a way of causing time to slide passed me beyond my peripheral vision and allow sleep's beckoning siren song to approach unawares.

    Time to put that ecstasy to work.

    Yours in the celebratory joy tempered by ongoing endeavors,
         successful exertions tempered by still-higher goals, and
              recuperative pain tempered by future vision,
                   since the well-tempered soul is better equipped
                        with the additional strength for all of life's events,


    P.S.: Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. - Booker T. Washington

    P.P.S.: Especially since I am my own biggest challenge. - Eliot

    Weight Watchers, 1 February 2014
    This Month's Theme: Start Simple

    If the scale didn't exist, how would you know you are succeeding?

    • How I feel / Feel better
    • Clothes fit better
    • Other measurements
    • Waist band
    • More energy
    • Attending meetings
    Need to acknowledge success. What successes can you celebrate?
    • Activity (distance walked)
    • Healthy eating
    • Improvement in medical tests / numbers
    • Medical success (taken off of medications)
    • Go to bed instead of raiding fridge
    • See the sunrise
    • More exercise
    • Getting enough sleep (7 - 8 hours)
    • Routines
      • Sleep
      • Activity monitor
      • Slow down eating
      • Put down fork, sip water
      • Take a healthy snack with you when you leave the house
      • Comfortable shoes
      • Tracking
      • New to you successful habits
    • Spaces
      • Home
      • Pantry
      • Fridge
      • Office
      • Making spaces health friendly
      • Made common location exercise location
      • Fruit bowl
      • Hitting fresh produce section immediately after gym to buy snacks for that day at work
    Celebrate behavior changes

    How you celebrate is important, not just what.

    No more excuses.

    Advice to new members
    • Don't get overwhelmed - 
      • Focus on small steps
      • Focus on positive things this week
    • Give yourself credit for small changes and then add to it
    • Support system
    How would this journey be different if you celebrated every tiny success? What would it take for that to happen?
    • More activity points from doing a little dance after a small success
    • Bought new shoes instead of eating a treat
    • Helps if you do more
    • Feel good about what you're doing
    • Took pictures of results on treadmill at the end of each session, totaled, posted to WW discussion board
    • Turn stress eating into stress exercise
    • It's about celebrating
    • Post successes to social media
    • Celebrate more often
    Small changes
    • Don't give up
    • Keep coming for you, not friends
    • Be positive
    • Believe in yourself
    • Fall down, get right back up
    • Keep coming back
    • Write if before you bite it
    • Track Sunday through Friday
    • Make sure there are things I can munch during the Super Bowl
    • Spaces
    • Thinking differently
    • Eat less
    • Move More
    • Routines
    "Celebrate what you want to see more of." - Tom Peters

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