Saturday, February 22, 2014

Argh! (And a Half)

Post Number: 140
Review of Yesterday's Progress

     Daily PPV Used/Left: 36/33 of 69 (Goal: 28/41)
     Pedometer Reading: 2452 (paused)
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: At the Y -
          Swam Laps (8 laps, 400 yards)
          Recumbent Elliptical Machine
               17 minutes & 2.70 miles @ 8 resistance
     M-W's Word of the DayTeem

Today has been a rough day. Like the last couple days, I start strong but lose resolve, and finish weak. I am eating many more points that I would like. On top of that, I don't like the food selection. If I have lost any weight this week, it will be divine intervention. I'm not so much worried about the weigh in tomorrow as I am about changing the course of this last week. This last week, the willingness to give into hunger to eat more of the wrong things has me concerned I am returning to an old trend. I am hopeful that I will determine the means of turning this around before the short-term trend becomes a long-term habit.

I am also hopeful that I can turn around my unemployment. I located five positions this week that I am well suited for. I finished all of the applications today. I hope the work on my resume convinces them of the same.

There was an unconvincing attack on my religion today. It was a strange piece of my day today and left me ruminating for a period of time just before I started notes for this entry. Since I couldn't seem to shake the thoughts, I chose to enter them into my blog. He came out of left field with low-level threats. It was strange listening to attacks that used a technique of trying to convince me of the falsehood of scientific evidences of the Book of Mormon. I don't believe what I believe because of those evidences. If they are true, they are a nice ornamentation to my faith. If they aren't true, they don't remove the foundation of my faith. And I had never heard these evidences before, so I was already skeptical of not only what the person was trying to interpret for me but also of the original information he was attacking. Consider it part of my nature as a chemist, evidences by other faithful members still require my own verification.

And speaking of verifications and recording information in my blog, I came across an interesting scientific result that I want to dig into a little deeper. It compared prebiotics (foods that encourages the growth of good bacteria in the gut) and probiotics (the addition of good bacteria to your eating selection). Prebiotics are foods like onions, garlic, and leeks. There are others, but they escape me at the moment. The three listed are among the top five choices. And garlic has the additional advantage, if eaten in quantities of four or more raw cloves per day, of reversing plaque buildup in arteries. In the results of the scientific study, probiotics were considered a good option for increasing the amount of good bacteria in the gut. But prebiotics were considered an even better option for increasing the amount of good bacteria in the gut.

My gut wasn't feeling to well last night, probably because of the dramatic shift in the food I've been eating. To help me feel better, I went a listened to a few of pieces by The Piano Guys.

I took a screenshot from the second one for my P.S. The statement caused a surging bittersweet mixture of melancholy and enthusiasm. I have many skills and talents that education and experience have only added to the list. But I don't know that I know what my "art" is. Teaching? Chemistry? Being able to hear music? Setting the sails of the Authorship? And then the music swelled, the showmanship presented itself, and the rapturous delight ensued. I still don't know what my "art" is, but I do enjoy some good music.
Now it's off to Weight Watchers to face the music.
Yours in the mixture of numerous ingredients that give the day its flavor,


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