Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pushing Too Hard

Post Number: 129
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 21/48 of 69 (Goal: 28/41)
     Pedometer Reading: 3062 (paused)
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed:
     At the Y -
          Swam Laps (8 laps, 400 yards)
          Octane Recumbent Elliptical Machine
               17 minutes, 2.38 miles, level 8 (used arms and legs)
     At Anytime Fitness -
          Elliptical, 2 min, 0.20 mi, resistance 7
          Tread Mill, 8 min & 0.25 mi @ incline 0.0 / speed 2.0
          Vertical Chest Press, 20 lbs, 5 sets, 10 presses each set
          Overhead Chest Press, 20 lbs, 3 sets, 10 presses each set
          Preacher Curl, 20 lbs, 5 sets, 10 presses each set
          Expresso Virtual Bike, 6 min, 1.50 mi, variable resistance
     M-W's Word of the DayFilch

Exhausting day yesterday and I'm still feeling it today. I managed to complete quite a few tasks and responsibilities. I was ready for bed at about 2 pm. I was feeling that, too. I feel this need to push myself while I still have access to a gym. I hope the future bodes well for either exercising at home or obtaining employment to be able to afford a gym. All too soon, I will know what is available for me. And worse still is the certain knowledge that I cannot store fitness during the dearth of gym access.

The excess of gym access led me to push a little too hard yesterday. My stomach was quite queasy. I didn't eat much for quite some time. And when I did, what did I start with? My daily supplements. My stomach reverted back to the queasy.

Yours in the knowledge that the future I build will come and I will reach it,



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