Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doesn't Share Well with Others

Post Number: 131
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 25/44 of 69 (Goal: 28/41)
     Pedometer Reading: 3808
     Meetings Attended: Missed Weight Watchers
     Exercise Completed:
     At the Y -
          Swam Laps (8 laps, 400 yards)
          Octane Recumbent Elliptical Machine
               20 minutes, 2.64 miles, level 8 (used arms and legs)
     At Anytime Fitness -
          Recumbent Bike, 10 min, 1.74 mi, resistance 8
          Tread Mill, 10 min, 0.40 mi @ incline 0.0 / speed 2.5
          Vertical Chest Press, 35 lbs, 5 sets, 10 presses each set (+15 lbs, -1 set)
          Overhead Chest Press, 20 lbs, 3 sets, 10 presses each set
          Expresso Virtual Bike, 4 min, 1.00 mi, variable resistance
     M-W's Word of the DaySerendipity

Tough to make use of the computer with my job searching, the kids' home schooling, and MBWM's wedding preparations for Horse. Sharing the computers has become all the more annoying since bringing all the three of them downstairs. I can't hide out in my room. I rather missed having some mindless entertainment queued up so I could take short breaks. I would pick something I have seen before so it would be easy to break away. Last week, it was Season 1 of Deep Space 9. Now, with the potential for little eyes peering over my shoulder, I'm not completing as much job searching, blog writing, exercise researching, and other computerized activities. But that will have to change, especially for the job searching. Since the largest collective use of the computer access is used for home schooling, which takes four hours minimum, I need to revise our current schedule. They are usually done with their assignments within an hour or two. We regularly have to pull the kids off of the computers to be able to move on to other activities. Yesterday, I went to Anytime Fitness near the end of four hours of home schooling. The kids went right now through my absence. It's tough to interrupt them when (1) they are working on their education and (2) they are cooperating wonderfully. If it wasn't so important, I would insist they complete a series of chores before starting their home schooling.

And I need to start back into my extensive daily job searching that I've missed this week so far. And since we only have laptops, it looks like the one I typically use is about to live up to its portable nature by moving back and forth between its two prime locations. It was nice having everything set up in our home school room, but priorities demand attention.

Another priority that needed attention yesterday was turning in the security fob to Anytime Fitness because the free trial was over. I learned quite a bit about me and exercise machines.

And still something else that demands attention is this bug that has been beating on my body all this week. My body has been victorious until now, but I think the bug's stamina has surpassed my stamina.

Yours in a possible forced day down,


P.S.: Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win. - Jonathan Kozel

P.P.S.: I don't think lifestyle changes fit into this category.

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