Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Symbolic Gesture of Hope

Post Number: 143
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 34/35 of 69 (Goal: 30/39)
     Pedometer Reading: - {Pedometer clip broken}
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: At the Y -
          Recumbent Elliptical Machine
               20 minutes & 2.60 miles @  8 resistance
          Swam Laps (10 laps, 50 yards)
     M-W's Word of the DaySolatium

The day started out great except that I had the song Busy Prepositions from Schoolhouse Rock stuck in my head. Why couldn't it have been The Shot Heard Round the World, I'm Just a Bill, Mother Necessity, or Interjections? Exercising at the Y went well. Even while reading/listening to Start Strong. Finish Strong., the song stuck around. And the day continued to be quite good. And then I goofed the food again around lunch time. Well after lunch was over, I remembered my idea about reviewing my blog for added strength, motivation, and insight. Because of this slip in food and forgetfulness, I chose to step aside from the family and concentrate on networking. I am contacting all the people I know that either are engineers or work with engineers. This effort is in the hopes of networking into a contact within a Boise company that has a wonderful chemist position open.

One of the most interesting abbreviations in a job title that I came across yesterday was: Beneficial Use Reconnaissance Program (BURP) Environmental Technician. It involves hiking and camping, so I won't be applying for this position. Other than that, it seemed like a great position. And I am sure burping around the campfire is common.

In my own life, I need to make a motivational attitude more common. I did that symbolically this morning. I purchased a can of Pringles several days ago. I had eaten maybe a quarter of it. I would only nibble two or three chips at a time. And since it was in my car, those nibbles only happened while I was in the car. This morning, I threw them away while walking into the Y. A symbolic gesture of hope.

Yours in the hope of a new day reborn in a string of good days,


P.S.: While driving home, I saw a vanity plate that I had to comment on.

Vanity License Plate: GOT C4

It might be a question (GOT C4?) or a statement (GOT C4!). Punctuation makes all the difference. But the 20 year old original source of this of thousands of spin offs is being retired according to this article at NBC Nightly News.

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