Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Ultimate Chemist Position: Found!

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Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 17/54 of 71 (Goal: 28/43)
     Pedometer Reading: - (Didn't wear pedometer)
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: At Anytime Fitness -
          Overhead Press
               5 sets of 10 presses at 20 pounds
          Elliptical (Standing)
               5 minutes & 0.34 mi @ resistance 1
          Recumbent Bicycle
               12 minutes & 1.57 miles @ resistance 7
          Expresso Virtual Bike
               4 1/2 minutes & 1.27 miles @ variable resistance
               Gear shifting button and virtual slopes change the resistance
     M-W's Word of the DayParvenu

I have located and applied for the perfect chemist position. Here is the location for the Analytical Chemist position from Google Maps. And it is right here in Boise. I planned on sleeping in but my brain had other plans. I was starting to work on the resume and cover letter when I would normally be heading to the Y. When I went to bed the night before, I had an game plan. Changing fortunes created a need for refinements in plans. And those changing fortunes including removing several responsibilities from my original plan. This gave me all the more time to spend on my job application. I am sorry that a young woman getting sick and a snow day for Asian Red Fox freed up those responsibilities. But I am grateful for the additional time to be able to refine my application all the further.

As part of making those refinements to my application, I took a break before the final review that preceeds submission by attending Anytime Fitness. Exercise was difficult because I was feeling beat up. I heard several times that I should work in muscle building exercises. I tried one of the muscle building machines. It was interesting and painful. Eating was difficult because I have been so hungry all this week. When I was home from Anytime Fitness and went to eat a late lunch, I just grabbed something that I new was low points and headed upstairs. Being focused on the resume and cover letter was an incredible experience. And taking the physical break from the mental work was refreshing. I hope exercise becomes physically refreshing some time soon.

There was great excitement in applying for the chemist position. There was an additional moment of excitement when BSU called to see if I was still interested in a teaching position. I informed the caller that I was. Who knows, I may have a couple of offers on the table. That would be a hard choice. And there's no reason to spend the mental energy on it until it happens.

But the mental energy of this morning is on my weigh in. I am looking forward to starting the new week today. This week has been difficult. I have been very hungry all week. I have been staying up until my 10 - 11 pm but still rising at 5 am. My knee and ankle joints aren't recovering from the exercise within 24 hours. I will be having a nice long sit-down meditation concerning how to remedy these situations. I would lie down to meditate but that would result in sleep.

But for now, excitement awaits at my Weight Watchers weigh in. This is a good thing. Several inches of snow should be awaiting me as well.

Yours in the excitement of the moment that can extend into days,


P.S.: This week will be a series of pictures that I found while cleaning out my smart phone.

Some artistic creations from my kids -



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