Monday, February 24, 2014

Is It Permissible to Sashay on Sunday?

Post Number: 142
Review of Yesterday's Progress
     Daily PPV Used/Left: 23/46 of 69 (Goal: 30/39) {Fasting}
     Pedometer Reading: 2595 {At approximately 1 pm when the clip was discovered to be broken}
     Meetings Attended: None Scheduled
     Exercise Completed: None Scheduled
There was a slow start to Sunday. There was much to do on this particular Sunday, so while the slow start felt good, it needed to change. And change it did. At the point in time where there was one hour until it was time to leave for church. At which point, action possessed all those concerned. Most of my kids, however, weren't concerned.

I am concerned more about my eating today. That fast went well. It felt good. And then I broke my fast. Normally, breaking my fast is 8 - 12 PPV. Today, it was 23. That was thoughtless. Eating enough to make up for the lost meals defeats one of the purposes of the fast; the process of forgoing lesser concerns (food) to obtain higher desires (spiritual assistance of one form or another). Eating all that food isn't the proper way to break a fast. Chalk another one up to the a series of poor decisions motivated by compulsion, exhaustion, and stress.

To understand how I got here and how I have been better able to handle these types of issues in the past, I am going to start a new project. I'm even going to retroactively include it in my goal descriptions and evaluations that were posted on Sunday. I am commencing a review of my journaling in this blog. Somehow, I was able to do better. I'm not saying I didn't slip up. I didn't slip up for this long of a period of time before.

To start my review, I scanned for the purposes of this blog. This is the results as reminders of motivations described in the blog so far:
  • Accountability - This one is going well.
  • Recreational Writing - This is enjoyable
  • Uplifting Historical Review - Starting this now
  • Develop value for the reader - Returning to this one later when the articles restart
  • Develop a readership - Need to provide more emphasis behind this one
I am hoping the review will provide encouragement to overcome compulsion, mental renewal to overcome exhaustion, and smiles to relieve stress.

One stress that has been relieved is the location for Horse's bridal shower. I has been scheduled for March 1st for better than 6 weeks. And we only reserved a location yesterday. It wasn't for lack of trying. But MBWM pulled it off with a little input from me.

And now my body needs the proper exercise input. I am off to the Y. This is my last week, after all. I will miss the Y. But I don't see how there is any way for me to afford

Yours in the brighter future that will come from historical review,


P.S.: I know you have been pining for the answer, but, yes, it is permissible to sashay on Sunday.

P.P.S.: One must be an inventor to read well. There is then creative reading as well as creative writing. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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